Tattoo for magnets

What if we turned this…


Into a tattoo. Add the words DO / NOT / M.R.I. on the three sides.

For the soon to be magnetized crowd.

Forearm perhaps. I don’t like tattoos that show cause they always fade. Yellow would probably be especially bad. Still.

If I get an MRI done without me being able to remove the magnet, I likely won’t be in any state to care my fingertips are about to burn.

Hmmm… that said, tritanium ones seem even better now. I could remove it, clean it, and put it back in…

Unless you were unconsious throughout. Car wreck?

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Or just drugged up. Either way.

I plan to add it to my medical chart. Knock on wood I don’t need it.

Besides the medical aspect. It’d be a helluva cool conversation starter.

Oh, i wish. My doc will likely want to talk, not in a positive way.

Other people will likely find it odd, but won’t question it much. I wish I lived near more open minded people.

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Why do you keeping calling it a tritanium magnet? There’s nothing tri about it?

Wasn’t there an info somewhere here on the forum that an MRI is never done on unconscious people? There could be quite a lot of metal inside a body, not just with freaks like us :wink:

That left aside, I like the idea of covering the body in warning symbols… might be several others fitting as well… :thinking:

I thought it was because of the m31 - there is a three inside that, at least^^

I thought it was weird that there were 3 different things being called M31, so I popped off a possible name for them. I’m sure Amal will come up with something cooler if / when this goes live. But for now, Tritanium or M31t

I’m pretty sure they don’t MRI unconscious people… diagnostically you can tell a lot more from an x-ray if you’re looking for evidence of trauma indicative of an emergency like broken bones, internal bleeding, etc.

Cool. Didn’t know that.

Tattoo might still be neat. Just hate faded tattoos.

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Just throwing in some random bodymod-info again - sunblocker works wonders. I know a guy with tattoos way over 20 years old (the tats, not the guy… well, him too, but…^^), and they look like they were done yesterday. Really amazing, and a result of good care and good tattoo artists.

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I dunno. I just can’t get behind tritanium magnet. It’s only called an m31 because it’s 3mm x 1mm, and the final titanium coated one will be slightly larger. Also, calling something tri because it’s three mm wide is a little pointless. Units of measurement are numerous and relative. It’s also 0.118 inches in diameter, or 2x10^(-14)AU, but we’re not going to call it the eighteenium magnet or the quattuordectanium magnet.

Or are we?

Still, it doesn’t even have dimensions yet. Just a placeholder name for discussions sake. Call it anything you like.

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Maybr it was me, I asked my doctor, and he said, they would never put a unconscious person in a MRI, because maybe she forgot her implant pass.

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