Tattoo over chip

Hey i wanted to put a hand tattoo and its gonne go over my chip implant can it be done or will it be dangerous or is it just a no go ?? If anyone has done this can u show me a picture

Can’t be done.
x: glass might break
flex: polymer might fail and expose the chip/antenna

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It’s a no-go. You have to get a tattoo before you get an implant, because the skin between the implant and the surface is so thin. The piercing needle repeatedly smashing into the glass could shatter it. It would also be intensely painful (like when you get tattooed over a bone) and would blunt the needles (they’re not cheap) and ruin the quality of the tattoo in that area. The flex series will be perforated and the coating will fail.


Not recommended. But can be done. There have been a few users here who have gotten tattoos over an implant before with success, to my knowledge, nobody has had any problems with it. But, either way, it’s still risky and not recommended.

Huh? Really? I thought no one dared.

If anyone will dare anything, you’ll find that person in this community :slight_smile:


I got my tattoo first and then the chip


Now announcing the new VivoKey logo!!!

Haha jk


Are you going to swap out the Spark for a Max or Apex?

That would be funny-ish

I also got tattoos first. The way my blinkies show under the line work is kinda cool, kinda like a frosted stained glass window.

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no problem I can et an other tattoo :slight_smile: And I love to have the old one :slight_smile:
Must thinking where to put it, I have everywhere in my hand chips, maybe on top of the right hand :slight_smile:

I installed under a tattoo but it’s one I’ve had to re-ink regularly to keep it looking defined because hands are such a high wear area. I’ll probably be inking over/near my implant at some point once it’s thoroughly healed but will be using a single needle freehand instead of on a machine so it should be gentler overall. I’ll post an update when I do.


Hi, I am Backpackingvet, and I tried.

It worked, I just told my artist, he didn’t really care. Said he won’t go deep enough to hit it.

(This one is also implanted way too deep, but still reads fine)

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I’ve gotten tattoos over 2 of my glass chips with no issues. I also got one over a magnet with no issues. Tattoos aren’t THAT deep. I tend to say “Chuck it in the fuck it bucket, let’s give it a go” I probably wouldn’t tattoo over a flex just to be extra extra safe. But glass I feel fine with.

If I ever get another blinkie I’m definitely going to get an all seeing eye tattoo first and try to put the led right in the pupil.

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I think implant first is more reliable so you can know exactly where it’ll light up. But that’s me! I’ve just seen a few that are close but really not centered.


Tattoo needles don’t go deep enough into the skin to touch the implant. Also, the machines have give to them, they’re not drills. They’re also not powerful enough to break the glass if they did touch it. The implant would probably move away from the pressure. It would be more scarification than a tattoo if a tattooer managed to go deep enough to touch the glass. It would be very painful, even when a tattooer (usually a beginner or scratcher) goes just a little too deep, but that usually ends in turning the skin into hamburger and scarring.

I’ve been tattooing for 20 years.

I mean… one hopes. It’s hard to give an absolute statement like that when it comes to two pretty wild variances;

  1. the thickness of people’s skin across multiple locations of the body, depth of device, etc. and then again across different actual bodies with different genetics and ages.

  2. the skill and equipment of the artist. A prison tattoo given with a rusty nail by Cletus probably isn’t going to be the same safety, depth, and overall quality as what you’re doing.

In short, when people come looking for absolute answers, the best advice we could give is; just don’t. Get the tattoo first. If you must tattoo.over the implant, then you accept whatever risk there might be… but our recommendation is that it’s a bad idea… just like we say it’s a bad idea to get MRIs with magnet implants (but people have done anyway) and not to put the implants in your palms or under gripping surfaces (though people have done it anyway).

Of course, life itself is “at your own risk”… but there are some risks that are clearly higher than others, and since people come to us to learn about those risks and get a recommendation… we just say hey if metal needles are going to be shooting at your glass encased implant 50-3000 times a second, separated by dermis which could be anywhere from 2mm to 0.5mm thick… probably the best blanket statement we could make about it is it’s probably not worth risking it?



True :smile:

Though I must say, if people ask me about the risks of any bodymod (and there are several risks, especially when you have the “prison tattoo with a rusty nail” setting or the “safety pin, icecube and potato piercing” setting), my only answer is “Go.To. A. Pro.”. Risks eliminated. :wink:


Risks mitigated.