Technique for installing flex implant with needle

does this technology work with FlexNT, and where do you get the equipment?

If you mean injecting the FlexNT, that’s highly doubtful - the same way you can’t fit a credit card in a tube of aspirin unless you roll it to the point of breaking.

As for the video, it’s not a needle you’re seeing. It looks like a piercer’s punch used to create a suitable pocket under the skin for the implant.

That’s not accurate. Amie had the first TeslaFlex install and it was done with a piercing needle, not a scalpel and a dermal elevator.

Yes, the needle install procedure will work for the FlexNT. I thought the needle install guide was published on the forum, but I can’t seem to locate it with a cursory search. Take a look around. If not then @amal would know.

DT has piercing needles that have been custom made with markings to assist with needle installs. They’re intended for installation partners, so I’m not sure if they’re going to become available to the general public on the store.


That’s probably why I’m not a piercer :slight_smile:


Here is a picture of the needle and link to the installation guide