Text file without nfc tools

Hi, if I write some data (text) to my implant. Is there any chance to read that without nfc tools for instance.
I think about if you have your emergency data on it and the doc or somebody wants to read it. The people don‘t have that kind of app necessarily.

Yeah just put text there and phones will make a popup with the text.

I get tried that but with iPhone it don‘t work

Yeah afaik iPhone only accepts URLs from NFC tags.
Try data:text/plain,your text as URL, idk if that would work, but it might. Or you’ll need to host some text on a website.

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Cool thanks. Will give it a try

Unfortunately, it don‘t works

I kinda expected that. Sad.
Yeah there’s no solution for that I guess (except for hosting such private data publicly).

TL;DR maybe use something like 0bin to host it relatively securely on the internet.

If I would host PII publicly to be “only accessible via the chip” I would make sure to “hide” the file on a server, like make it a looong weird name and no directory listing on the server.

This is not very secure, but in essence it’s the same as storing text, if the server doesn’t get hacked completely, only people with the chip know the url.

You could even store it encrypted on the server and have a password in the hash part of the url (doesn’t get sent to server) and then have it decrypted on the client. That way not even the server provider sees the content, like 0bin does it. But idk if 0bin can provide the uptime such critical data needs.

Okay now I want to make a client side encrypted popl.

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