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I know you’re from Germany - did you take a look at Backforce Chairs yet? I have one of them, and I totally love it - especially the synchro mechanism is a wonderful thing to have. It’s not cheap, but it’s manufactured in Germany and the quality is really good.
The other chair I use for gaming is the Recaro, which is even a bit better in quality but lacks the synchro mechanism - it’s an amazing chair, but a bit expensive :wink:

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That quantifier is redundant isn’t it?
To me German means quality and precision :straight_ruler: :triangular_ruler:

You could have just said

“get a Backforce chair, it’s German made” :wink:

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I think usually, that’s kinda right :wink:
But another big plus for me is that the people who build this chair are paid a fair wage and that the company is actually still a family-run business - doesn’t neccessarily lead to better quality, but I like to support such things as well :wink:


Yes! I’m tempted to buy it. It looks so good, but then it also doesn’t look to good posture wise.
It’s not very configurable right?
But I agree it’s one of the more ethical choices, which is a big plus.

In that budget range, I’d rather buy a new Hermann Miller Embody.
Actually I’ve just written to someone selling a used embody for half the original price, because it has ugly scratches. I’ll see if I can snag that, if I don’t find another good used deal I’ll probably get a backforce.

I have read some bad things about them, idk maybe I should igve that one another look…

I have the One Plus, and I can configure it perfectly - maybe I’m just lucky, but I fit into that chair really well. There are several things you can adjust, so I think if you’re not extraordinarily tall or small, it should be okay :wink:
One thing I like a lot about that chair is that I can adjust the seat depth - really nice if you’re not so tall.

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Nice attention to detail Rosco


I’m genuinely surprised anybody even noticed :slight_smile:


And yet, you did it anyway, It says a lot about your personality :+1:

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How strong are the armrest of the Aeron?
When shifting positions, i usually push myself up on the armrests. Can they support an average human?

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The best answer I can give you is: go out and try it. I went to an HM reseller here in Czechia, and I spent about two hours trying different chairs and talking to the sales rep there. It was a really good experience. I bet they do this worldwide, so just find your local HM seller and go try it out :slight_smile:

But to give you a personalized answer: It might be a bit weird, but I actually lift almost my full weight when changing positions (you know, I get my butt up by lifting myself up with my hands on the armrests; btw I have ~104 kg) and it never even moved. On the other hand, as I sit/stand up/move, I occasionally move the armrests a bit (they can be extended or rotated without any locking)…so it’s really hard to quantify :smiley: Simply put, the armrests are not a problem for me.

And by the way, it took me about 2 weeks to love the Aeron; at the beginning, my back was hurting a bit, I wasn’t sure which position to sit in exactly (how to correctly set up the chair, etc), but then I got used to it and maaaaan it’s a big step up from the Ikea Markus which I had before.

Sorry about that. It very likely was the week I had no phone as I broke the screen of my normal phone.

I did say I was logging off. I think :thinking:

I mean yeah, mostly. Still getting hurt often enough.

I miss being here. It has made trying to figure the flipper out of my own a bit interesting.

My apologies again. I logged in quick to update everyone that I’m alive and okay.

Also, I now am fully a stay at home dad, so I try hard to not pick up my phone, as I am back to no computer on hand.
Between a 3 year old, and the past 2 injuries I had. (See pic above for my most recent) I am just busy.

I will log back in today or tomorrow, but I gotta also attend to my puppy who is in heat.


Glad to have you back, even if it is just a fleeting visit.

I take that back, I don’t need another person reminding me they ready have their Flipper and have been playing with it, and mine hasn’t even been sent yet :wink:

That sounds so wrong…


Just quick question for hid prox gurus

I noticed that the individual code is printed in our badges, and so far all the other ones I’ve looked at (same security level) have the same facility code

Is facility code actually used for anything, or most likely the same for all users?

I’m guessing it depends on how they implemented it, but just curious if there’s common practices

Facility code is usually specific to your facility (although worldwide I am sure there are overlaps). The idea being that everyone in one facility has the same facility code, so if their user id matches one in a different facility they still can’t get in.

I mean… I would expect it

It’s a 2 digit FC and a 4 digit ID

I was just curious if anyone if the same company would have a different FC, because if not I can just visually read the 4 digit ID off the card on the back lol

Most likely would be the same, unless the company has no clue what they are doing (My company for instance). In my company, HR adds badge access, and us in IT just have access “just in case”. Well, HR ran out of badges and just blindly ordered more badges from our security company. They sent us ones with different Facility Codes. So now we have to select “Old Badge Format” and “New Badge Format” when typing in card numbers and giving access. Luckily, I’m now in charge of ordering the badges and ordered the correct ones for the last purchase we did a few months ago.


I just wondered how FC was used

They seem to partially know how to fine tune the system… as it knows who’s badges are for what shift and won’t let you in more then an hour before your shift or or days you don’t work

Wondered if that was part of it

whats up with that?

Looking at the server stats, nothing stands out.
infact, the number of logged in users is slightly down over the preceeding 4 days.