The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I’m sorry Zwack, that really sucks! Glad to hear you’re both relatively okay!

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I’m sorry to hear that, @Zwack. I hope that your wife recovers quickly and that her fractures aren’t too bad.

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Exhausted sigh

Bright side I wasn’t expecting it till June, I thought I missed my birthday last year


You can rest now…

but we all know you won’t miss a day because amal will make a 2 year badge SOON™


Speaking of Soon™, how come this forum doesn’t have an emoji for it?


Besides, there are better Pilgrimsmaster emojis. Like this one for example:



There is this one


The real reason I havent made one, is because the Soon™ joke, in my opinion, it has lost its true meaning.
Currently it reads as
“DT/VK have shifted their goal posts/ timelines again”
However, it is actually more along the lines of
“Dangerous Things / VivoKey have all their shit in one sock, but they are waiting / reliant on 3rd parties to get their shit together, so we will get it as SOON as that happens”

So even though Amal plays along with the whole SOON™ from time to time

DT Club quote

hoping to hear back from them soon™

I don’t think he really likes where it has ended up.

Although, I do hope we keep the very useful whenissoon yeka made


Wasn’t there a badge for 100 consecutive days too? I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any since I made my account but I have no badge yet :thinking:

Yep, the Aficionado badge. You’ve missed 2 days in the last 91 days :frowning:. If you hit the 3 bar hamburger menu in the top right, and hit Users, you can see “Days visited” in a selected time period. for the 91 days, I selected “Quarter”.


Oh no :frowning: I don’t understand why if I check my profile it says 104 days visited and joined the 15th of February though (and If I’m not mistaken it’s indeed 104 days ago)

Ditto. I apparently have 100 days up today.

I wish I could get an augmentation to eliminate the need for sleep and that it would also help me sleep when I actually want to… And that’s how I ended up asking Amal to get in my head. :thinking:



I see 90 visits in the last quarter for you (and 91 for me)

If it makes you feel any better I am at 364 visits in the last year… I have missed one day, somewhere in the previous three quarters. :slight_smile:

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Quick update… I spent about $500 getting to and from the hospital since Saturday… :unicorn_shock_surprise:

My wife is now home, and in pain. My grazed shin is actually looking worse than I thought. It is nasty looking and has been weeping since Saturday. I will take it to urgent care after some sleep just to have it looked at and make sure it isn’t a big problem.

Tomorrow I will probably also hear from the insurance adjuster, and I have to submit the accident report. (More than $2500 damage, or an injury to one or more people)


Needs to be consecutive

You ahve missed a day somewhere in the past 3 months buddy.
You have 90 days, It should be 91

Keep an eye on your quarterly “day count”, when it starts increasing toward 100, try not to miss a day.
You will soon be all badged up and standing proud

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Haha. That damn OCD!! Thanks. I am actually trying not to want it.

But will be here every hour for the next 10 days!! :slight_smile:


Have you heard about the Jeep?
Written off or repairable?



10,000 POSTS


“auto close topics post count”


@Pilgrimsmaster no, no news on the jeep. Monday was a federal holiday so I didn’t expect to hear anything until today.


help me sleep when I actually want to…

This exists now, without implants. Have you ever tried melatonin sleep spray?
When I discovered it it changed my life. I first used it months ago and it fixed my sleeping rythm.
Now I abuse it like a sleep button when I stay up late.
(Tho I’m careful not to do it too often, can’t be good, my doc claims it’s fine tho.)

I’ve later seen that this stuff is sold on many biohacking stores e.g. digiwell for twice the price in any pharmacy.

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