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I see 90 visits in the last quarter for you (and 91 for me)

If it makes you feel any better I am at 364 visits in the last year… I have missed one day, somewhere in the previous three quarters. :slight_smile:

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Quick update… I spent about $500 getting to and from the hospital since Saturday… :unicorn_shock_surprise:

My wife is now home, and in pain. My grazed shin is actually looking worse than I thought. It is nasty looking and has been weeping since Saturday. I will take it to urgent care after some sleep just to have it looked at and make sure it isn’t a big problem.

Tomorrow I will probably also hear from the insurance adjuster, and I have to submit the accident report. (More than $2500 damage, or an injury to one or more people)


Needs to be consecutive

You ahve missed a day somewhere in the past 3 months buddy.
You have 90 days, It should be 91

Keep an eye on your quarterly “day count”, when it starts increasing toward 100, try not to miss a day.
You will soon be all badged up and standing proud

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Haha. That damn OCD!! Thanks. I am actually trying not to want it.

But will be here every hour for the next 10 days!! :slight_smile:


Have you heard about the Jeep?
Written off or repairable?



10,000 POSTS


“auto close topics post count”


@Pilgrimsmaster no, no news on the jeep. Monday was a federal holiday so I didn’t expect to hear anything until today.


help me sleep when I actually want to…

This exists now, without implants. Have you ever tried melatonin sleep spray?
When I discovered it it changed my life. I first used it months ago and it fixed my sleeping rythm.
Now I abuse it like a sleep button when I stay up late.
(Tho I’m careful not to do it too often, can’t be good, my doc claims it’s fine tho.)

I’ve later seen that this stuff is sold on many biohacking stores e.g. digiwell for twice the price in any pharmacy.

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The main issue with using melatonin too much is that your body will get used to it and it will stop working. It is fantastic at helping to fix sleep patterns. If I really really need to go to sleep I use a little melatonin and half a Benadryl works like a charm.

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Sounds like a bigger sleeping problem waiting to happen. Yeah no as I said I only use it when I realize it’s like 2AM and I really need to sleep now. I really don’t wanna mess with my sleep too much.

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I’ve moved back to a bigger city recently, and now I’m finding a routine when people ask about my magnet implant when I’m fidgeting with bottle caps at the bar.
Use to be either that’s cool, or motb. Now though, I’m getting annoyed by answering the same question 3+ times for every person.
Q: Why do you have a magnet in your hand?
A: To feel electromagnetic fields around me.
Q: But why do you have the magnet in your hand?
A: To feel electromagnetic fields around me, like microwaves and such.
Q: Seriously though, why do you have a magnet in your hand? Did you do it on purpose?
A: Yes I got it on purpose, and it’s to give me a 7th sense of feeling electromagnetic fields around me.

This is good: a few months ago, I went for an MRI of my wrist, because I had some kind of stubborn sprain that wouldn’t go away.

Anyway, public health being slow, and another health problem taking precedence, I got zero news from the hospital about this, and the problem eventually went away. My wrist is now fine, and I had completely forgotten about it.

I got an email from the hand specialist today: I have an appointment at the hospital because he thinks he’s found the cause of the problem: the MRI reveals I have suspicious foreign bodies in my hand and wrist! He proposes a biopsy under general anaesthesia to figure out what it could possibly be. Maybe aliens!

I’m debating whether to string him along or politely remind him that, when I took the MRI 6 months ago, he and his staff called specialists around the country for a solid half hour to figure out whether it was safe.


I feel like once he knows you have foreign objects intentionally implanted in your hand / wrist… he’s going to just blame those… regardless of evidence

It’s too easy of a scapegoat

So I suggest you string him along


Happened to me twice now. How could I possibly have Bell’s Palsy from some other cause while I have a magnet in my ear?! It’s the only possible cause.

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In this case, it’s trivially easy to demonstrate the sprain was totally unrelated to any of my implants: I know exactly when and why it started, it started well after any of my implants in that area were put in, and it gradually stopped before the main possible culprit - the flexNExT - was removed. So no scapegoating possible.

Also, I find Finnish doctors rather curious and open-minded about implants, and not at all prone to baseless outright rejection. So I doubt he would try to put the blame on em if he had remembered (or written down in my patient file) that they were there. He could have done that 6 months ago when I told him.

Sadly, I also find them rather humorless. So perhaps I’ll just give him a call to clarify things…

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Ok, that made me laugh…

And I thought that things were better in first world countries…

Maybe try to reply with something absurd, like “what magnet? I’m using telekinesis” or something along those lines? Also, I would’ve never thought that someone would associate a magnet with the motb… Humans are weird.

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The grass is never greener


TBF, I’m getting the impression that scandinavia is similar to my country in many ways. Especially now with the russian situation. But at least I have sunlight…

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