The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Wow, that was quite the ride, I have MANY comments to make, but busy at the moment.

Just quickly, If you have a problem with somebody, and there are obviously some (duh)
Simple solution

Rosco purely as an example, I couldn’t mute myself

Oh and



Nice work Mr. Diffuser


I just genuinely like the hamster gif, makes my day every time I remember this forum has it


90 posts were split to a new topic: AI sentience & human procreation

As an aside, apparently I missed a day yesterday as I checked DT too late in the day (but before midnight local time) so it will be at least a year before I achieve Devotee…

Found this on facebook the other night, gave me a good laugh. I immediately thought of @Coma 's power button.


i like the ben franklin comment the best - honestly, dude is getting the exact reaction he wants posting that on FB. like me, freaking the normies is hella satisfying.


In other news, it’s apparently been exactly a year since I got my first implants! My implants are one of the very few things I have where the honeymoon period never really wore off. They’re still just as exciting to me today as they were a year ago.


I’m the opposite of you and want to be left alone with regards to my bodymods. And I’m the guy who wants a full robot body that looks entirely mechanical.

But I’m not going to limit myself in exchange of being accepted by the normies.



Which reminds me…Welcome back @Eyeux

I guess your negative reaction is a positive reaction
or vise-versa


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I had a strep / brochitus tag team recently

Pretty sure I would have taken mild Covid happily


Uhuuu!! Good to be back!!

But I still got a bunch of travelling around to do and a couple of big projects to hand in… so not sure if I won’t vanish again for a while… :sob:

For y’all with a flex implant in your forearm above the wrist, how long did the flex take to heal for you? Do you get any sort of discomfort when bending or twisting your arm? I’m a week into my healing process.

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about 2 weeks

I could feel them for about 4 weeks, but I wouldn’t call it discomfort

Yeah, definitely give it another week or 3


Seems like a sus amount of “firsts” in that article

Makes me sus of the title of “first” cyborg when it sounds identical to others with such issues

It was all external care and control items as far as I can see… I forget who did the cyborg classification thread… but I feel that would be low

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Awesome! Someone else asked about visibility, and the answer to that is, not even a bump. My complexion is a little darker, so your mileage will vary. The little dot is where it was put in.

I’m sure this has been asked before, but my search-fu skills are failing me yet again: Is there a linux version of the PM3 guide, or is it just the mac and windows versions? I’m sure I can transliterate or just boot up windows, but I figured I’d check for a guide first.

edit: Whoops, I should have just clicked on the macOS version first, they have a whole list of instructions there, including linux instructions here:

Just in case anyone else needs it in the future

Relatedly, today is an exciting day:


This has @darthdomo written all over it,
He was trying to convince me to install a dual Linux/Ubuntu boot for my proxmark lol

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