The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Seems like a sus amount of “firsts” in that article

Makes me sus of the title of “first” cyborg when it sounds identical to others with such issues

It was all external care and control items as far as I can see… I forget who did the cyborg classification thread… but I feel that would be low

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Awesome! Someone else asked about visibility, and the answer to that is, not even a bump. My complexion is a little darker, so your mileage will vary. The little dot is where it was put in.

I’m sure this has been asked before, but my search-fu skills are failing me yet again: Is there a linux version of the PM3 guide, or is it just the mac and windows versions? I’m sure I can transliterate or just boot up windows, but I figured I’d check for a guide first.

edit: Whoops, I should have just clicked on the macOS version first, they have a whole list of instructions there, including linux instructions here:

Just in case anyone else needs it in the future

Relatedly, today is an exciting day:


This has @darthdomo written all over it,
He was trying to convince me to install a dual Linux/Ubuntu boot for my proxmark lol

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Shouldn’t this whole exchange be moved to its own discussion? It’s way too detailed, profound, long, interesting,… for the derailment thread :wink:.

In other news, have you heard about MuchBetter (the alternative to iCard for people in the UK) disabling the Walletmor implants because the conversion to an implant was not approved by them? :confused:

Agreed, i didnt think it was going to go THAT long


As others said… it was a while. Long due.

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What kind of implants do you have, Pilgrim?

Yes and it really fucks with me. Seems like prebuilt conversions wont work because mastercard will just trace them and block em.
The conversion service is the only option. MasterCard can’t trace individually bought payment chips (even if it does sound like they can in their mail).

I was convinced that taking this to court would be of no hope. (Remember Meow-Meow?)
Even bad PR like “MasterCard forces me to be cut open” is stupid and probably won’t help us here.

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Well… there are some clear drawbacks to me having some extra free time in front of the computer!! :sweat_smile:

There’s a reason I didn’t convert mine When iCard jumped ship. :sob:
(ok, maybe a tiny bit of insider knowledge was in effect)

Feels like unless we make the alternative happen, ourselves, we’re all just rolling dice for how long would the implant remain valid =/

Curious to see the next step from Walletmor, though



Just to be clear, I wasn’t saying it was a bad thing, it just surpassed my expectations of length


I didn’t think you were. Was more of a joke towards myself.

I really have no track of length when replying here because the size of the reply box remains the same and I type almost as fast as I think… not a great combo. :sweat_smile:


How are you feeling?


Not terrific. Coughing like crazy, super deep coughs.

Thankfully my throat and sinuses are doing a bit better. Still feel overall gross though.

I got a PCR test for my employer’s sake, confirmed that I’m indeed positive for COVID (they don’t accept home tests).

I got my Steam Deck today, so thankfully I have stuff to do in bed for the next week or so, until I’m hopefully better.


Sounds dumb…I’ll keep avoiding it thank you.

Is that because they don’t trust you well enough yet, or they don’t trust the accuracy of home tests ( or a little of both? )

I would have thought having signs and symptoms plus a positive test ( regardless of brand ) would be enough for them to want you to stay away from other staff members :man_shrugging:

A better option than accepting false negatives with somebody showing signs and symptoms.

I have heard that RATs tests turn out many false negatives when following the instructions ( nasal swab ) but when used at the back of the throat they yeild positive results and confirmed with PCR tests.
I really think this information should be more widly dessiminated…
Like me now



Sorry to hear Darth! Hope you feel better soon!


I don’t want to make a whole thread for this so I’ll put it here.

I got a new Asus Maximus z690 motherboard and I have to take apart everything to replace the current board, but I’m feeling really lazy and procrastinating.
Can someone yell at me and tell me to just do it, please?

Thanks <3



ha you beat me to it



Thank you both =)