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I was in Kansas on my phone. My phone is kinda stupid some times.

Some of these have been on here before, but…

Video of the machine one of the few times it ran. Making parts for it’s own table.

Completed table pic.

The much sadder picture, loaded for transport.

And, because it’s harvest time in Kansas. A picture of a vast wheat field with a faraway combine.

Look at the picture on the trailer. You’ll see a white box on one leg of the machine. There’s three wires poking out. That’s where the meth heads cut the Cat5 cables off to (assumably) steal the copper. You know, instead of just unplugging them. Don’t do meth, kids. Meth is bad. Brain will rot.


Totally not cyborg-related at all, but festival season is getting closer, so I started some last-minute-hot-glue-gun-fun to make a nice little hairclip to accompany one of my outfits. :octopus:

Taking into consideration that it was the first time I actually used a glue gun, I’m quite happy with the result :wink:


I can’t even see where the glue is. Looks great!


Looks awesome!!


That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die! :octopus:

Funny… as I’ve seen this t-shirt on Facebook and thought you’d like it!


Found an interesting use of RFID recently.

For Father’s day, I bought my dad a Shot Scope V3 golf watch. It works as a golf GPS, while tracking a ton of data about his golf game.

It has 16 RFID tags that come with it, to automatically track which club is being used. They screw into the top of the club, into the handle (most grips have a hole in the center).

They are indeed 13.56MHz, I did a scan with TagInfo, and they’re ICODE SLIX chips.
Here’s the full scan if anyone is curious:
16-97-AB-EC-50-01-04-E0_2022-06-19 16-41-27_taginfo_scan.txt (1.9 KB)

The most interesting part to me is the watch itself. I was wondering how it managed to read 13.56MHz chips from such a long distance, and one with such variance. It’s meant to be able to read the tag whenever you’re holding the club, ready to swing.

The actual antenna is inside the band.

On a video about replacing the band, you can see the connector:

The ideal reading zone is on the long band, the one without the buckle, near that black plastic (it actually clips into the holes on the buckle band, to keep it from flopping around).

I tried it out, the distance is great, reading from an inch or so with tons of variation in position. It has a mode for testing the tags, and whenever I held the club normally, it was able to pick it up. Amazing what’s possible with well-tuned and designed antennas.


Regardless of the NFC Side of things (which is great by the way) , that is a thoughtful gift


Thanks. My dad is an avid golfer, golfing basically every single Saturday since before I was born. This is the first gift I’ve really bought anyone with my own money, so wanted to make it something good. He was really happy with it, hopefully it works for him next time he goes golfing, and many times after that.

Of course, immediately after buying it, I lost a ton of potential income thanks to COVID (even with my job’s COVID compensation, I’m only getting like half of my lost shifts covered), but whatever. Going back to work tonight, hopefully won’t have any more issues.


I was actually wondering that, knowing you are a student and “recently” getting a job, So that makes it an even better gift

I think you got a hole in one :golfing_man: :golf:



researching golf club holding, it seems if the antenna was the diameter of the wristband itself going around the arm, then a proper hold on the club would but the end of the handle right up in the in sweet spot zone, in parallel with the antenna ring… nearly perfect place for reading a tag.


Yeah, it’s quite a smart design. I was amazed at how well it worked myself. The second I held the club properly, blam, got a read. The end of the grip on the club ends up actually bumping right up against the edge of the watchband, absolutely perfect.

It seems that the antenna is only half the wristband, but by making it the longer part that goes through the buckle, it wraps around the other portion to an extent. Another smart choice.


Quick poll if I may


I personally think xG3s are not meant for fingers. There are exceptions, if you have a big finger and know it fits a glass capsule, go for it, but otherwise…
I feel like xG3 finger installs regulary fail or reject soon.
There are other positions for it esp. for lifting.
Does everyone get this picture?
Because if you look at the shop, you just see finger installs and the xG3 compared to a finger.

xG3 in fingers are normal”

  • Yes
  • No

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agree… xg3 are not designed for fingers. basically like all implants, they are designed to be implanted… but exactly where and what location is best is always up to you and your installer to decide. I do understand that having images of the magnet sitting on a finger might lead someone to determine “hey these are for fingers” but none of the implants we sell have a specified location… only suggested locations. I will consider updating the imagery to maybe not suggest fingertips. Fingers are extremely difficult places to install anything.


I say no. For me, it’s a small place, allowing for too many things to go wrong. Plus I would think they would get in the way of doing things.

I installed mine in between my knuckles. Unfortunately, can’t comment much on the “performance”, as I don’t really use it much. Haven’t really sensed much either… well except for the metal lamp at the hotel I stayed at post-install :laughing:. That was a very strange feeling when you are half drunk trying to twist the metal knob lol.

I’ll post a photo of mine later when I have time. I’m currently 10,000ft up in the air. (Yes, I paid the $16 for WiFi just to read the forum) :grin:.


Yes, tho installers have a lot of experience putting things about the size and form of a titan there and it fits much better.


I’m surprised that 30% votes yes already.

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Here is one I took last night. I’ll try to get a better photo later today.


actually I don’t seem to have much imagery for magnets in anywhere other than fingers… does anyone want to supply some here so I can update the listing?

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I just shot a few but i suck at shooting photos.

Must be something with the light :smiley:

ok i must admit that im drunk too^


Uploading: IMG_20220624_003038.jpg…
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Uploading: IMG_20220624_002808.jpg…
Uploading: IMG_20220624_002743.jpg…

Processing: IMG_20220624_002810.jpg…

And all of y pictures from the show off your magnets thread can be used



Easy tips for better photos:
more light = better, go outside.
Use a single colour background

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