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Done and done


This is just your annual reminder that pancakes are in fact, superior to waffles


My country has been issuing passports with that plastic page insert for a while, it’s great IMHO. And the RFID chip is in the back page, checked mine with TagInfo. Hope that’s not enough to mess things up…


What is this pancake propaganda?

The waffle coalition will not stand for it!


Yeah, the insert makes it feel WAY more premium, and stabilizes the entire thing. My old one was super floppy and curled up, that can’t really happen with this one.

Regarding the chip, I’m sure it’s fine, Amal mentioned in the past that it has to do with failing the unlocking process when trying to actually pull data from the chip:

I wouldn’t think TagInfo could cause any harm. Still not trying it with mine though haha.

Sidenote: They put this big QR code sticker on the back of the new US passports, with some info about the new passports along with some travel info. They said it’s fine to remove. Mine was put on super super crooked. Rotated and off center.

I went to remove it, and residue everywhere :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I tried multiple methods of removing it. It was this super annoying glue, it reminded me of the adhesive on those awful stickers you get on books sometimes. Ended up having to resort to rubbing alcohol and friction, but the alcohol was enough to slightly dissolve the dye (which I was worried about…) so I had to be super careful and sparing. Managed to get it off mostly, but the back doesn’t look super brand new anymore…

EDIT: The all important sticker…

Totally worth leaving a ton of shit on the back of a paper passport for.

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Lmao the ltt forum is brutal


The pancake oligarchy refutes any and all claims that waffles are in any way superior to pancakes. Pancakes are fluffier, they absorb the syrup instead of holding it and pancakes are much better as a standalone food.


I used to be a wafflecel but now I’m pro-pancake. Waffles seem to end up doughy a lot of the time, and they store the syrup in the worst way as you mentioned. I don’t want to eat a pocket of syrup, I want it absorbed into my delicious american breakfast bread.

I also love thin/small foods (weird I know, it’s a textural thing), and I like that I can eat each pancake one by one, in small bites, as these thin little bits of bready-cakey goodness. A waffle forces you to take this big tall mouthful.

Plus, with a pancake, you can balance fruit on top, or spread a thin layer of nutella or something, with waffles it’s all gonna get caught in the syrup wells and mess up the ratios.


The waffle coalition can’t officially state pancakes are significantly worse than the objectively better and more skillful food the waffle, but that’s what we hear…

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Once again I have to express my favorance for a quality classic waffle over the now more common Belgian waffles, smaller compartments and being thinner overall solves or reduces all of those issues, while retaining the maximized surface area and all the waffle-y benefits


I take a fluffy pancake over a waffle but nothing tops the look of a loaded waffle, but foods not really ment to be looked at


Aye, I can agree with you a bit there. The slight crunch of a classic waffle is nice. A Waffle House waffle is the gold standard for what a waffle can be (although I still like pancakes more).

Glad that we can agree though that Belgian waffles are inferior.

I was ruined on them especially thanks to these things I got in school:

They probably wouldn’t be very bad if you warmed them fresh, but we got served these thick, cold, doughy abominations. They had sugar CRUSTED on them. It crunched from the sugar on your teeth.

So awful. Made my stomach ache when they served them for breakfast, which was about 4/5 days a week.



Dude you’re not kidding lol


I have no idea what they are trying to protect

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I stand by this resolutely:

Waffles can be made fluffy, crunchy, doughy, thick, thin, variable compartment size, however you want with any texture you can imagine, but a pancake for the most part is just a pancake. The only thing holding you back with a waffle is your own ambitions, waffles want you to succeed, pancakes impede progress. Waffles are the food of the future



Did not expect that kind of negative reaction from LTT’s community. I’d honestly be embarrassed to have the kind of people who respond that way in a community that represents me. Just out of the gate shrugging off something you know nothing about.


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Nearsighted might be the nicest word i can think of. And this definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth as a LTT fan

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Nearsighted is right. When your first response to something is “This is fake. Look at me guys, I called out this fake thing.” How does that make you a useful contributor to a community?

Argh. Maybe I’ve just had much to drink and I’m too critical, but that just gets on my nerves.

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They locked the thread…