The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I have so many words I want to say, but seeing as this is a public forum, I’ll kindly keep them to myself. :slight_smile:

Please, don’t blame yourself either. I know everyone on this forum only wants the best for this community, DT, and biohacking as a whole. We can’t let a bad reaction like this break our spirit. :slight_smile:


Looks like I just have to email the generic spam catcher email address and pray :slight_smile:


Adding to the pile of random chinese product reviews. Really sucks that there’s no way to differentiate yourself from the spam but the product should speak for itself hopefully

Why would you come at them like that?

You are just causing trouble here on the forum, trying to stir up the Waffle snowflakes, I should suspend you for your irresponsible post :rofl:

But I still stand on the fence.
:waffle: :pancakes:

Waffles / Pancakes
I don’t care
Just get in my belly



Forum member waffle chart. Pilgrim youre in the middle (true nooch) idk why i picked this image

Alright, looks like we took a break from Bears vs. Penguins

Now we need a Pancakes vs. Waffles Topic.

FYI, Waffles are awful. Might as well eat a pizza box. Unless you top it with ice cream, they’re not edible.


I think perhaps someone swapped your waffles for cardboard when you weren’t looking…

Bears vs Penguins vs Waffles vs Pancakes

  • Bears like pancakes, Penguins like waffles
  • Bears like waffles, Penguins like pancakes
  • Both like waffles
  • Both like pancakes

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Uh… waffles are like if you made a batch of brownies that were all side pieces with the crusty goodness. Both bears and penguins prefer waffles of course. They are mortal enemies, but on this they can agree, and that gives me hope.


Weirdly, brownie edges are my absolute favorite, I always go for the corner piece, but pancakes are still better than waffles IMO.

It’s like how I prefer soft breadsticks to super hard and crispy ones. Pancakes are so comfortingly soft.


I assume you own one of these (and apparently Domo)?



If you’re making waffles properly, they have all of the best parts of a pancake, with all the benefits of a waffle. The problem is the rampant acceptance of subpar waffles being served everywhere.


Agree…shitty waffles aren’t worth it.


For me the acceptable waffle ratio is just far too low. In my experience it’s like 10:2:1, shitty:acceptable:really good.

That’s a bad ratio. For pancakes, it’s always like 1:10:2. Pancakes are really hard to fuck up, most fall in the average range, but occasionally they’ll be really great.

I concede that potentially the best waffle encountered in the wild might beat the best pancake, but it’s like finding a diamond in the rough, but the rough is just full of human feces you have to dig through. Bad waffles are really bad.


Bizarrely, the best brownie I have ever had in my entire life, was at Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai, India

It was a “Sizzling Brownie”
A Sizzling hot plate, with a large brownie served on it, vanilla ice-cream scoops on top, and drizzled over that was a chocolate sauce; the hot plate warmed the brownie through, which melted the ice cream and the overflow chocolate sauce caramelised on the hot plate

something like this



How tf have i never heard of this?

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You can find that at a lot of American fast casual restaurants, albeit in varying quality.

Brownie a la mode

Sometimes served in a cast iron, not far from your dish.

You can find just about any desert a la mode, covered in ice cream. Absolutely delicious.

The company Edwards here in the states used to sell individual ones in the freezer aisle:

The ice cream was packed separate from the brownie. You’d microwave the brownie til it was super hot, and then plop the ice cream on top. I have really fond memories of those, but haven’t seen them in a long, long time. They tasted pretty good, but the ice cream was bottom of the barrel quality.


That’s exactly the problem, the potential ceiling for goodness is way in favor of waffles, but you can make a decent pancake anywhere there’s a hot surface

Waffle making is a lost art

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Not entirely lost. I have a cast iron wonderffle for making stuffed waffles. And a cast iron Griswold waffle iron. Treat them right and they make the best waffles.

Of course you need to use a good waffle batter recipe as well.


I will say… I make an exception for waffles under one circumstance.
When they’re the big chonky ones that contain meat or some other breakfast food item


Something like this?