The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

This is a good reference

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Did someone change the website today?

I was joking how hard the forum was to find while pointing people to it at the booth and suddenly support takes you directly to the forum

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Watching the new Cyberpunk series on Netflix and all I could think about during the military implant install was “I wonder what the waiting period before use is on that thing.” XD


Finished the Midwest hacker con

Consuming nutrient matter now

Good weekend, not as busy as I expected, but that was fine… was able to have good chats with people… we did like 13 installs

I’m probably in for it it next time also

I’m pretty happy with what I brought for show and tell… it worked pretty good… but I felt more scattered than usual so I’d probably want to figure out how To keep myself a bit more centered or organized m


What con? “Midwest Hack Con” doesn’t turn up much on Google.

From another post.

F**k, 2 days without visiting the forum this weekend. Way too busy to even think about it. Too bad for the Devotee badge :sob:


At least you know when your Day 1 starts, I guess


Too soon

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Wanna see something sad?

I have a broken xg3

Any ideas what I can do with it? Like some funny stuff?

Using it as a fridge magnet is the only thing that comes in my mind :laughing:


It broke due to human error. Nothing was wrong with that thing.

Snapped really clean.

Ah and its a xg3 v2 :confused:



Just superglue it back together.

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I thought the same and was amazed when they actually included the bloody jacket as a nod.

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Not funny, but a good fidget toy to play and show off with your other bio-magnets

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Donate it to @Eriequiet, so he can show it off as a cut-away at the next convention?

I already have the one I had cut out of me :sweat_smile:

I dooooo need a next to complete my set :joy:

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It’s MINE. And you CAN’T HAVE IT!!!


Have you considered a Steam Deck?

I don’t have any experience with them but

I’ve thought of it. But when it comes down to it, I have a switch if I really want to game on the go.

I don’t really want to game on the go. Also, I can hook an Xbox controller to a computer. And a desktop would give me significant more access.

I know building a computer is usually better, but I would buy an Alienware (or equivalent, and im considering buying one based off the name alone.) if anyone knows of one. I’m too lazy to read exactly which parts I need.

Guess I also need to work on some stuff. Ha.

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