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This is one of the better conversations to wake up to XD


A 75 year old lady ran a red light and hit me.

She asked to not go through insurance and for us to get a quote and she will pay it.

This cunt refuses now to pay anything.

She lives in a small town on several boards, so I plan to stand out side a few of those places with " insert her name here is a lying cunt"

She won’t think it is endearing.

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As another e3v2 user, it’s great

True :wink:
But I think it might be a problem of online communication…
To differentiate between the various meanings a word can have, especially if it’s a word that can be used derogatory, it is necessary to note the setting in which the word is used, the facial expression and general body language, the tone of the voice etc. - all this doesn’t happen in written communication. So when Pilgrim calls someone here a cunt, we all know it’s okay because we all know Pilgrim by now. When I first read it, I was surprised and slightly irritated, because I didn’t knew before it could be meant in a friendly way as well :wink:

So this might just be the results of all that - we all know how hard it can be to see irony or sarcasm online, and far too often, people get angry about things online they might even laugh about in the offline world…
And of course, words can actually hurt (and language actually forms reality) - but unlike sticks and stones, you can stand up and fight back with the same tools.


No she shouldn’t, because


To be fair, the report was generated by a script I wrote a while back, but thank you. :blush:

You took the time to write the script, and apply it, so…:+1:

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She really is.

Fed me some sob story about how she was picking her dying son up from the hospital. (Idk if it is even true anymore)

She’s a lying cunt.


Please don’t get irritated by my word choices today.

Also, hope you are well, and :unicorn:


A failure of AI assisted chat;

haha on second thought this may not be AI after all… still fucking hilarious.


The internet is a small place

I was about to design up an unrelated to RFID “Thing” , and I thought, actually I’ll just check a couple of CAD design sites first, that could save me some time.
So I put in my search term, and the first result I get is from THIS GUY


I assumed it was our very own @Tacticalsatan, but there COULD be another, I followed the link, and I saw his real name and knew that was him


Not quite what I was after, but still a little coinkydink

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plastic semi-conductors with no silicon


I’m not sure how insurance works in the USA, but here

  • If 2 people collide, and neither has insurance, they will both have to pay for their own damage,the person at fault SHOULD pay for the other persons repairs OR the person at fault may get taken to court to pay the others damage if they have refused to.

  • Same situation, and if the person at fault had 3rd party insurance, their insurance company will pay to repair/replace the other persons car

  • If the person at fault has full insurance, their insurance company will repair / replace both parties vehicles

  • If the person at fault has no insurance, but the other person does, the person at fault gets fuck all from anybody, but the innocent party will have their car repaired/replaced by their own insurance company, but they will have to pay the excess ( Policy dependant ) and the person at fault SHOULD pay this for the innocent party.

  • If both persons have insurance, the person at faults insurance company will pay for the repair / replacement of both parties vehicles

In a nut shell
There of none of that suing for physical/emotional damages bullshit, any injuries are treated for free including Pysio etc. and if the injured person is required to be off work etc. The government will pay them 80% of their annual income until they can go back to work, however long that takes.

My deductible is $500 either way. With the text I have from her, my insurance agent already thinks they are at fault. With the pictures of me being t boned, it’s set.

Still I pay $500 either way.

I won’t sue. I will get more gratification out of calling a 70 year old lady on her bullshit, its a small town, and she will have to answer to her friends as to why someone is publicly calling her a cunt.


No, sue
Your laws could be different, but here you can easily sue for your deductible…everything past that is trickier if you are insured… but it covers your actual damages

And then you can publicly show how she’s being a piece of shit…

In front of a judge, various people in the court room, it causes financial consequences (credit score) etc

We were side swiped on the highway hard as fuck 2 weeks ago, me my wife and my dog were in the car, I didn’t even get a glimpse of the car… hit us so hard to knock us onto an exit ramp and trap me in the car since my passenger door crumpled

Hit and run… fuck people who don’t own up to traffic accidents

At bare minimum, I’d give her 1 last chance to pay before you sue her, especially if you have her admitting fault in a text

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What an interesting time to be alive.

I’ve got a few pallets of these I need to test. I wish there was a multimeter implant where two prongs extend out wolverine style so I can just go around “stabbing” fuses, wires, and connectors to quickly separate the good from the bad fuses and boards XD

Also, fuck people who break into cars. Had mine broken into last night, and they broke 2 windows! If you’re already in my car with the alarm going, just open the doors, don’t break another one making me spend an extra $500!


Nah, I am totally not irritated by someone calling someone else rightfully a cunt :wink:
It was just, reading that term in a totally friendly, even positive environment (like Pilgrim uses it) was funnily strange to me at first.

Thanks - good to see you here more often again :slight_smile:
And good as well to see more beautiful unicorn emojis… :unicorn: :emoji_unicornsparkle: :emoji_unicorn: :unicorn_love:


Makes me think of Ben Heck’s Wearable Soldering Gauntlet, only with a mutimeter. Sounds like a cool idea, get to work!

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Also reminds me of this

I live and die by my multi tool…

This is a little leatherman bit you can pop in, and it turns your tool into a voltmeter, stupid small so you can have it with you all the time

Displays the voltage thru a series of colored pulses, pretty clever I think

I need to remember to order one