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Super easy to works with, the issue with wood is that it’s never all straight so you have to work with that. Trex has groves in the side and screws with plastic spacers so you kinda can’t mess up the spacing. Cutting was about the same as wood, and the screws come color matched so you can’t see them when you need to screw down the edges.

I also did the wood trim on everything, and new hand railing. It took me and my dad like 3 weekends to do it.


True. My old man comparison was from 20 years ago.

Really nice job

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Electronic design gone all wrong…

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Tesla’s influence is spreading… I never use my glovebox because of this.

So I finally fumble-fucked around and guessed my way back into the password.

But, FIRST, I tried resetting things using my still good access on my phone. Not that google was gonna make that shit easy. Nope, my browser is too out of date to be used with googles services. Fair enough, I prefer an older version of Firefox, so I just updated it and tried again. You guessed it, google still won’t accept that my brand new, freshly installed browser is good enough for them. Access denied.

I will never in my life understand why the hell I need to update the software I’m using on a constant basis. I do understand that it needs the occasional update under the hood, so to speak. But WHY oh WHY must EVERY SINGLE THING that I use be moved / relocated / or hidden. My phone is the perfect example. I like the keyboard that came with it. And they’re just desperate to update to a new version. You can’t even opt out. I just have to make sure that my phone never ever ever ever sees a wi-fi connection, because that’s the moment that it will choose to “improve” itself to the point that I can’t use it for a week or two, while I track down all the little things that contribute to it’s functionality.

The firefox update? Wiped out all my bookmarks. Replaced them with FUCKING TILES. As far as I can tell it’s just so they can shove advertisements in there too. So now I’ve got to go in and find and kill all the little on / off selections that are repsonsible for getting between me and the core functionality of the fucking phone.

Nobody gets on there phone or pc or whatever to admire the interface. It’s like going to a basketball game to watch the ref. It’s there to be functional, and stay out of my way while I’m accessing data. I DO NOT NEED OR WANT the damn thing trying to steer me to whatever bullshit it’s trying to push on me.

Pretty sure I’m going to have to wipe firefox and reinstall an older version just to get it mostly functional again. Which means I’ve got about a 30% chance I’ll have to factory reset the phone and start from nothing. All because google tripped balls and got stuck in basic view.

And the fun part? As soon as I got back in, it reverted to standard view, so this whole fiasco was a giant waste of time.

Do you know what version you want?
Do you need a hand to find one
I just had a look, there are A LOT to choose from


I’ve had to do it before. Autoupdate caught me by suprise once before. Basically I want the last version that had certain features.

I’ll dig into when I’ve got more sleep and am less angry.

Awhile back firefox changed the requirements for it’s add ons and effectively killed off a lot of the older ones. If anyone out there can write a bit of code…

There used to be an add-on that locked the “desktop view” to always on. It was popular, as near I can tell. I sure loved it. Then it was gone.

Write a new one, charge .99 cents. I don’t know how much you have to do to keep up with the changes, but it could be some passive income.

I don’t feel like getting involved in any of it,

But you understand the tone and meaning of “let’s go Brandon”?

We’ve had discussions about phrasing and meanings crossing the world funny, so just checking

Good question, but Yeah.
unfortunately it’s the first thing than comes to mind when I read the word Brandon is

Fuck the political meaning…ALL politicians can get fucked

Just like hearing the name Karen, invokes this

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Just making sure, that’s all I’ll touch on that subject
Carry on my wayward son

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Ha, see, another example

I read that, and the song plays in my head and I think of the TV show “Supernatural” because that is the theme tune to it.

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It’s funny how brains work

Also, I fixed the sign



Blink 182 world reunion tour!!!

They’re coming.


Blink and you’ll miss 'em!

sorry, sorry. Couldn’t help myself. :roll_eyes:


I’m figuring I’m so old now, this is the equivalent of my in laws going to see Paul mccartney.

In any case, I’m gonna go.

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any USAers wanna send me stuff from Target by mail?:slight_smile:

I’ll see if the targets near my place have it

Any vr nerds pay attention to meta announcements today?

I really want a quest pro, and I knew what the price was rumored to be going in… but 1500 is pretty steep

But soo much cool tech in it,

Also they are still working on EMG peripherals… the video on that is super cool how sensitive it can be… I didn’t even see their hand moving at first