The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Damn I don’t get the joke :disappointed_relieved:

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“chip on shoulder” is an English expression meaning a range of things. Usually it suggests a problem with authority. The joke is literally he is saying he has a temperature chip but at the same time he has problems with authority.

It is a dad joke because it only deserves one chuckle! :wink:

And if you were being sarcastic and actually got this, I am so sorry for the explaining. I did check your location before posting and assumed English was not your first language.

Edit: I am Australian but speak German (well) and French (not so well). German colloquialisms are particularly bad and seriously a fucking nightmare. But then so are Australian sayings. I bet @Pilgrimsmaster gets this: There’s not enough bog roll in the thunderbox.


You’re absolutely right, French is my first langage and I didn’t know about this expression, so Danke Schön for the explanation! :slightly_smiling_face:

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indeed, even in emoji
:no_entry_sign: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :derelict_house: :toilet:


Here are a few

I literally don’t get the joke

At least you knew it was a joke…
but here you go

Unlike Michael Jackson, this thread is getting darker… 🫢


So this was interesting…


A drawing of our very own @Vicarious, with his last name misspelled…

It’s not as bad as a lot of other videos, but still a ton of misconceptions, and the title and thumbnail are insane clickbait

They were also really reaching with those health risks.


Not only did they get my last name wrong, but also… my contactless payment implant is not from Walletmor. :man_facepalming:t2:
I had my original prototype installed on March 9, 2019, long before Walletmor existed. It’s basically a contactless payment micro bank card taken from a “wearable” (keyfob), linked to my bank debit card and converted to an implant. Later DT started to offer this as a conversion service.
My prototype contactless payment implant (and the e-mail with the thorough detailed explanation I sent to Wojtek) provided the research and development that eventually led to the Walletmor implant.
This year I replaced my contactless payment implant because the original one expired after 3 years.


What we learned in driver’s ed (us) was “if someone says to not report it or call insurance, that probably means they’re uninsured or don’t have a license or something else like that”


:speaking_head: @Zwack
Just a welfare check

it’s been almost a month

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Speaking of,
Good to see you pop back up @Vicarious

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I am so sorry that you are going through this.

  1. Check your state laws for reporting requirements. In Oregon you HAVE to report any accident where there is any personal injury or more than $2,500 worth of damage.

  2. Call your insurance, you can always say that you didn’t realize how much damage she did at first. They will chase her insurance company for the costs.

  3. She deserves whatever crap gets thrown at her. She might get into this sort of trouble all the time. If it isn’t reported the state might not realize that she should have her licence yanked because she is such a danger to others.

I am still dealing with the fallout of our memorial day accident. Anyone want to see what a 3 month old hematoma looks like?

On the plus side I was introduced to the fact that honey is actually used to treat wounds. (Medi-honey is Manuka honey).


Sorry, still depressed… Still visiting wound care clinic twice a week with my wife.

I am going to try and get back to dealing with my projects in the next week… That and walking more might help… (Our car was having AC installed last week so I was walking everywhere, and it felt good…)


Not ideal, but thanks for checking back in.
I hope things start to improve

Yeah, it is quite a popular export, especially with the Chinese

Real mānuka honey only comes from New Zealand . It is made from the nectar bees collect from the flowers of the native mānuka bush (leptospermum scoparium). It is a combination of the nectar and the way the bee turns it into honey that gives it its unique properties.

You would have no doubt seen this in the news a few years ago

The world’s rarest and most expensive honey happens to come from New Zealand and it’s just got even rarer and pricier. A Dannevirke business is reaping the benefits of its prized manuka honey which is flying off the shelves at Harrods for nearly $5000 a jar.

I actually have a lot of Manuka on my property and neighbouring properties, and I have a Flow Hive…but no bees at the moment (long boring story) but I will likely get a colony this season.

If you were in NZ I would send you the honey for free.
I’m not a huge honey fan, I only have the hive to support the bee population


I appreciate it.

Your accident sounded way worse.

  1. I know I made a bad call by not calling the cops. I was fed a sob story of her picking up her dying son, which is believeable.

  2. I lucked out and she text me that night she was sorry for hitting me and to reach out to a specific place for a quote. Insurance lady was very happy to have a copy of this.

  3. She is a local small town public figure on some societies and boards. We have 1 main way from her town to the highway, everyone leaving would see my sign. I have too much time, and not enough to do on my hands.

@Eriequiet for suing, I might before I do the whole sign thing. Once the insurance portion is done, I will text her and ask for my deductible plus 500. So prolly $1000. I don’t feel that is unreasonable, as it took my valuable time to go get her quote instead of letting insurance deal with it. I really don’t want to stand publicly with a sing shaming her, but I will. I also don’t want to preemptively ruin any chances if I do sue.


But fuck, sorry to hear that. I can’t imagine being in an accident leaving marks that long.

Yeah, this is been a saving grace for me. I’ve realized I need to do me. Hence why I’m not online a lot. It’s fall, and I’m getting the outdoors in before -32 degrees

It’s made a world of difference in my mental health.





Started taking Wellbutrin again and forgot it gives me horrid anxiety for the first few weeks… so I’m sitting here worrying about my new implant for no reason. Health anxiety is of course my preferred flavor. Real nice bouquet on that.

So like my dumbass intrusive thoughts are inventing situations out of nothing and taking my normal everyday pain to try to make me panicky.

All the while I’m cognizant enough to try to tell it “No it probably isn’t rubbing on the blood vessel and making a huge blood clot that will make me have a stroke, heart attack and seizure all at once.” Because that’s absurd… Literally just my brain inventing random stuff. What’s the basis for this? My hand is a bit sore and my shoulder hurts… I have shoulder instability and it hurts quite often.

Just wanted to rant about my stupid electric cholesterol and its flights of fancy. Why can’t it use that creative thinking to write a book or something?

Didn’t feel it warranted a thread of its own.

Edit: In slightly funnier news. The nurse practitioner at work is always interested in what I’m doing to myself (I play around with supplements, like trying to force my curly hair genes to express because I had curly hair as a kid.). She thought the blinky was super cool and one of the other NPs was like “how do you take it out?” When I said it’d have to be cut out the interested NP offered to do it if I ever needed it so… Partner in stabbing me? Yay.