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I wasn’t a whiskey drinker before these tours, mainly beer and rum. Now I’m a whiskey convert lol
I’ll find some Bushmills to try along the way!


A liquor store is likely closer.


I’ve been drinking for 4 hours, and have another 10+ to go. I might be drunk enough to buy a flight tonight…XD
I’ll be going to Scotland next year for an Iron Maiden concert, hoping my new job will give me enough time to stop in Ireland before or after.

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Got to see some open fermentation action :smiley:

And I knew that butt load was an actual measurement, but I found the barrel size it’s based off of. 153 gallons is definitely a butt load of bourbon XD

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There’s some of that in my barrel head stash


I think it can vary though…I don’t know the imperial measurement range, but, metric the Buttload rages from ~450-550 litres

The way I remember them…approximate measurements
4 x firkins = A barrel
2 x barrels = hogshead
2 x hogshead = Buttload
2 x Buttloads = Tun

Tun ~ 1000 litres


if you were wondering, a Rod is approximately 5m (although this varies also, but 5m is the only one I remember)

So Grandpa Simpsons car gets ~200metres to 250litres


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Awww :poop:, missed my day. No devotee badge for me.

You might be lucky because of the servers timezone, I’ve seen that before here for people thinking they missed. If not tho, hey only 364 days to go :slight_smile:


Careful @Pilgrimsmaster you’re getting pretty deep into non metric territory


Haha, Merely an awareness, it doesn’t mean I agree with it.

I also know an inch is 2.5cm ( 2.54 ) and there are 12 inches in a foot, and a foot is roughly 30cm, 3 feet in a yard, a yard is ~ 90cm , there are 5 tomatoes feet in a Mile, a mile is ~1.6km …
I know enough to get an approximation for conversion, but hate “having” to do it…when you start talking fractions of an inch…fuck that shit…thousandths of an inch… you can eat the corn out of my shit…

Luckily I have no plan on ever living in the USA, Myanmar or Liberia


If you say so, I’ll take your word for it


This is for sure. The other stuff idk.

I would have expected you to be happier about thousandths of an inch since it is a decimal measurement.

But the inch is still the base line, It’s then having to imagine 2.54cm or 25.4mm broken down to 1/1000th, but going from 10mm
its simply 0.01 millimeters.
or even 1mm is a simply micrometre

Going from an inch to metric is the mathematical equivalent of a mixed metaphor

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All I needed to hear you say :sunglasses:




As soon as I saw this…

… I started trying to reduce it. 200 meters to 250 liters = 4 meters to 5 liters. Which just makes a lot more sense to me. Product of a mind raised on fractions, I suppose.

did you consider
2 metres to 2.5 litres
1 metre to 1.25 litres

or were they eliminated due to your fractional thinking?

what about fuel “efficiency”

Nope. Just reduce it to the smallest whole number. Like they taught us in grade school. Besides fuel efficiency is in MPG, which everybody knows.