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The downside to this simple test is that most societies that have languages that begin left to right will read the left column first, familiarizing themselves with the verbiage of the content, then read the right side after already knowing what the words will be.

It would be interesting if the right and left columns were different text.

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Another thing is that the one on the right is obviously more contrasted which makes it more readable on a small screen no matter what.
A third column entirely in bold is needed.
I’m also not sure about the “more in-depth understanding” argument. Just because you can read it faster doesn’t mean you understand it better. In fact it might be the opposite.
Not to mention the big headline which immediately tells you how to feel.


Yeap and that sort of thing should be part of one’s mental model of a language. So I’d suspect that most English speakers would do that with said block of text.

On an unrelated note, the things that often spread from one language to another are often common expressions and idioms and I don’t know myself on why that happens…



It’s been awhile since I’ve felt my my magnet buzz in the wild. Walked past the anti theft thingies going into the library at school this morning and my earbud started humming, then my magnet started vibrating. Starting this morning out pretty well besides remembering what those security things are called, that’s going to bug me lol


They are magnetic bit tag security gates. The inserts in the books are magnetic strips that exist in only one of two states… magnetized or not… 1 or 0… hence a “bit tag”. If magnetized, the gate will sense the vibration of the metal strip as a disturbance in the magnetic field it’s generating.


Thank you!! Now I’ll be able to focus on the lecture this morning XD
And thanks for the magnet that gave me a surprise start to the school day!


Mood, but I’m asking for more metal.

These are my goals:


Briareos, Appleseed… I love this manga :star_struck:



Looks more like an offer or challenge rather than measurement


Is that 3 Milfs for 4 minutes each or combined…asking for a friend

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Asking for myself, I need to know


Massive storms rolled thru today, currently sitting in the dark

Being nocturnal is less fun without electricity :-/


Cyborgs and power outages don’t mix very well.

I hope that they fix the problem soon!


massive storms, flooding… wildfires… woke up this morning with the worst wildfire smoke… headache… eyes burning… lungs irritated… nobody is happy.

we’re living in a climate change catastrophe :confused:

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That’s part of the reason there are UPSs scattered around my house. I also keep flashlights in easy to reach locations.

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I have a prepper streak, so I’m not totally hosed… just bored

Need to get a proper generator, but currently using my lawn equipment batteries with a large inverter station that takes them all, it’s pretty good for 12-24 hours of room amenities such as fan lights wife’s cpap etc

But I need more amps longer term for something like appliances

This has me thinking, because the only thing I actually worry about is sump pump, house I grew up in has left me with sump pump ptsd

We have a battery back up pump, with a deep cycle battery… fairly nice system, but it’s lacking something to put me at ease…. No battery gauge

I understand run time will be based on duty cycle, which will depend on how much rain we got or environmental conditions

But I currently have no indication how far I am away from a dead battery,

I’ve seen cheap little standalone 12v dc voltmeters and also a little golf cart battery version with an alarm

But I’m left with the missing value, of what’s the lowest voltage the sump pump battery will run at?
I could read the label but I expect it will just say what the pump “is designed for” not what it will run at


Sadly accurate…

It’s also weird every time I see an article about an area in Florida I live close to on national news because I can see pictures on the article and go “I was there last week…ah shit”