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TLDR but might be what you need

I I believe you would plug in an oscilloscope or the flipper to the non power pins and see what comes out? I don’t see how that could smoke the controller.
The alternative is to look inside the controller and if you understand circuits see what chip does what and then refer to the datasheet.
I’m just guessing

Ah but you see, this is me we are talking about

Assume the worst, and then it will only be slightly worse than your expectations

When I am out With my foot on the tub and a handful of tp - like a cavedweller

At home, I use a bidet.

I don’t want those for aesthetics. But if it was possible to get the skin to seal well and bond with the implant, I’d be looking into a transdermal socket with a connection to an electrode array or something along those lines.

For the time being, I’m going to stick to Amal’s subdermal implants.


Oh well in that case… I’m in as long as it doesn’t proteude too much. Like a usb port. I’d call it my usbhole.

More seriously what about a large piece of something transparent and it bonds to the skin around. Human translucent Gameboy.

Or a little slot for a pocket knife/ firestarter.

If only there was a biohacker friendly sticker they could display that would let us know discretely


If there’s not an xTooth with bone conduction, microphone, and Bluetooth by 2030, I’ll just go ahead extract my bad teeth and get some new ones.


Welp, school sucks now. Our new instructor with “10 years of experience” is teaching us her “street knowledge” and only touches on the book stuff, and it’s all wrong. I can see my whole class, and the fire academy that’s now taking part in our EMT class, failing the national cert exams.
Watching her teach and answer questions is a great demonstration of the Dunning Kruger effect lol


I thought I was completely fine with needles after the xG3 needles and scalpel work for the flexMT. Got a few shots of antibiotics and steroids and barely felt it, use to the plasma needle and doesn’t really hurt anymore. However when the plasma center needed to draw blood, I almost yelped with the tiny needle XD

This is interesting:

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You’d be suprised by what a formal complaint can accomplish at a university. Start with, I’m paying xxx dollars to learn the subject matter per national standards, instead the teacher is ignoring the curriculum and presenting factually incorrect information.

Record some of the class with specific examples.


It’s a community college, so I’m not sure what all a complaint will do. I am going to start keeping records and taking pictures of the white board. I should’ve done that today. I’ll ask a classmate to send me a pic he took that has the wrong info on the board.

Community colleges care about this a lot. They have to deal with more litigation related to meeting standards. I guarantee they’ll do what they can if you make a big enough stink.


Talked to my classmate and told him about some outside resources to study for the national certs last week. If he and I are the only ones who pass the exams out of our EMT stand alone class and the fire academy, maybe that’ll add some weight to the complaint as well haha

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I’ve seen that from universities to flight schools…

My experience with that in Latin America has been hit or miss. Ultimately, I lost trust in educational institutions.

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anybody lift here? How long did y’all wait to get back into the gym? I’m thinking of an xSIID in p0 and an xg3 v2 in my knifes edge, both on the right hand.

I don’t think the p0 one would be an issue after a couple days, but I’m reading 2 weeks is best for xg3’s. Given that the bars are steel and I’m benching some 80kg, and deadlifting about 130… I’m thinking it’d be wise to wait the two weeks, but I’m hoping someone tells me it’s not necessary.

This just in
French brewery releases beer in memory of the the xG3 V1


I’m assuming you are not competitive, just find some alternative movements, it’ll probably work out better for mixing it up, working some different and smaller muscle groups.
Shick your muscles with something new.

calisthenic alternatives are a good option

Press ups, pull ups etc.


I’ve always waited for 2 weeks before lifting after getting an implant. Good time to do some cardio. Or do leg exercices that do not need the arms. Leg press for instance.

And usually for 2 more weeks, I take it very easy on the hands. Nothing that could put too much stress on the implantation site.

Maybe I’m too cautious.


Thanks y’all! I only really have free weights at home, so I’ll probably head over to the gym for a bit to do some of the exercises.

Those sound like they’d still put quite a bit of stress on the knife’s edge, wouldn’t it?