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For @Pilgrimsmaster , enjoy your mini seizure!


Iftt should be able to assist

I think that I’m already known for being the guy who wants to be as much of a robot as possible. And I’m not going to lie, it would be awesome!


Apparently it’s going to more of a pain than I thought

I figured I just need to figure out a way to get Alexa to trigger a hot key or cmd on target computer

Apparently Asus Aura sync lacks any meaningful way to toggle between lighting profiles besides manually selecting them yourself

So now I need to look into signal rgb / open rgb
Thankfully it looks like all of my components are supported…
Just need to see if the free version is functional enough, because I refuse to pay a subscription for rgb control… I’d pay maybe 20$ once

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Nah, only 8.˙3% of that is disapointing




This shouldn’t be useful but it is.


In a couple hours I’m replacing moly top of the hand custom flexnext with an Apex spectrum. Rip my big fat glowy circle of doom.

Ngl I’m kinda scared. In two years it has become part of my body and this feels a bit like an amputation. I just hope it doesn’t feel too weird afterwards.
I’m also worried I’ll miss the glow. Despite the electronics being dead having the glow made it my favorite implant nevertheless. I would see it everyday when going to bed and whenever I was in the dark which happens a lot in my hobbies.
The spectrum doesn’t have glow and with it being on the back of the hand I can’t help but think that when/if it dies that’s it.
On the other hand it’s much smaller, hence easier to remove and will have many more capabilities during its lifespan.


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Tis in, and the old one’s out


Holy action figures Batman! Give us a tour of the collection in the background!


APEX Spectrum
Blinky Disc Flex ( Not really on offer due to poor chip performance with the POWER hungry Blinkies )
So you managed to convince Amal to let you have one, but couldn’t convince him to glow powder it?

FYI for others reading this
Blinky-less Disc Flex

Too late, because I see you have updated ( below yours and above my post )

A historic Good luck and hope it goes well :four_leaf_clover:



I think she might be a CALL girl…

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Yeah it was already made. The last one of a total of 7 I believe. Which really makes me wonder who has the one to rule them all…

It went fine. I would just love to have some antibiotics rn, just in case but it’s a whole process to get them here…


yeah after the traumatic experience of shipping to you i can see why you avoid it at all costs.

is it not as easy for you to just go to your doc and ask for broadform antibiotics?

You need an appointment which takes time. Or I could sneak in between patients but she’s doesn’t have regular working hours so I would have to do the trip just to try and see. Calling is no use because you can only talk to the secretary who doesn’t give a s* :man_shrugging: I’ll try and go today

Edit: an appointment just opened up today at 11. I spoke too soon :tada::tada::tada:


So you guys have telehealth there?

During Covid our medical providers opened up this service where all we have to do is setup a zoom meeting, explain our issues and they can prescribe meds over the meeting.

Yep thas was a thing in France, not here afaik.

Do you really have to wonder about that though?



Everyone! Check this out! It’s called an electric postcard!