The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Nah. Keep your tornadoes. :tornado:

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Ok this bourbon concoction is amazing

A friend of the wife is staying with us, and we were watching this documentary on bourbon… (always wanted to like… but terrible college drinking choices ruined it for me for a bit)

Cliff note recipe

2 cups ish… apple cider
Half cup bourbon
3 tbsp (real) maple syrup

It’s great, and let’s you appreciate the bourbon, just removes the harshness


My entry for best random website of the year so far:

Learn to identify occlupanids in the wild!


Ha, Yep, I think you win.

I actually carry one of those with me in my Passport for when I travel…

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Looks to be a mighty fine specimen of Palpatophora Utiliformis!

Though, I do wonder why it makes the travel items list

Would you care to guess?
or should I just tell you?

a hint, the cardboard ones are not satisfactory for the purpose

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Putting them in water to use as toy soap-powered boats?

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I travel (used to travel) alot, and especially around Asia, my frequent footwear is “Jandals”
These occlupanids provide a perfect yet temporary repair, just long enough time until I can buy another pair


Now that is quite brilliant! Unfortunately my choice of flip-flops don’t have the straps go all the way through, as this could have been very handy a number of times

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I can’t take credit, its just something I’ve seen, and thought the same as you.
The last place I travelled overseas before Covid was Japan, and I used that “hack” there.
Very thankful to have one with me, even though I don’t mind bare footing :footprints: , there are some countries you wouldn’t want to, and in Japan, I don’t think they would appreciate a shoeless “gaijin” walking around outside, then wanting to go inside a building with dirty feet.
Simply not the done thing in a country strong on etiquette and customs.


Not to get political but I love a good Admordorsum aotearoa


General tinkering

I was going to pull the trigger on the gimdow wireless deadbolt add on thing, as I’ve got some Amazon gift cards to burn

Aparently it’s no longer available… except maybe on AliExpress (yikes)

I found this thing poking around, it’s significantly cheaper, it’s factory unlock method is garbage… but it would be easy to right up an Xac or something to the remote, and boom rfid deadbolt that doesn’t require lock change
(Apartment, not allowed / maybe allowed but a decent amount of work)

INSTALOCK Keyless Remote Entry, Installs in Seconds, No Lock to Change, Includes 2 preprogramed Key Fob remotes

Nice find, and good idea.

A pity the fobs don’t have a single lock/unlock toggle button.

One of those latching / flip flop relays?

Now I’m considering the option to just rekey to my existing key,

All apt management should give a shit about is whether or not they can open the door with their key in an emergency

Oh hell, how could I miss that?
Happy Birthday Rosco, wish you all the best, have a good start into the new year and into another year of your life as well! Hope everything is going fine-ish for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that, I also filled it out.
I initially said no payment necessary, but then I changed my mind, and went back and changed it, (you can select “back” without losing your progress) so if I do get paid, I will donate that to Amal to buy “STUFF” for his laboratory or testing etc.
it’s only £10, but for 10mins, that’s better than a kick in the nuts

Every year, December brings the trifecta of utter human misery to me: Christmas, followed by New Year’s Eve, and culminating with my birthday - the latter of which, according to my father, didn’t need celebrating since New Year’s Eve is already on.

I fucking hate the whole show, nowadays starting roughly at Halloween, until we finally coast to the first working day of January when I can resume my normal life. Ever since I’ve had any say in any of this, I’ve been telling those who know me to fuck right off with their Merry Christmases, their Happy New Years and - most important of all - their Happy Birthdays.

Every year, I grab a bottle of hard liquor and drink New Year’s Eve and my fucking birthday away, to wake up the next morning to a barrage of bleak well-wishing SMS and email messages from stores and forums I forgot to unsubscribe from. Those who know me of course know to avoid me like the plague during this entire period, and especially on December 31.

This year is no different. Or rather it is, for reasons known to some of you. The difference manifests itself in that the bottle of PGA on the floor apparently didn’t even make it to 2022 - unlike me… Ha! And like every every year I’m waking up with a gigantic headache to the same sad collection of commercial electronic messages in my inbox.

But this year I’m also waking up to you two’s happy birthday messages. You didn’t know else you would’ve abstained. Yet for once I’m genuinely touched. Thank you both for that, It warms my heart more than you can imagine.