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Thanks! I’m actually peeking at it now.


It’s not finding any addresses in Martinique. But there’s a bug as the submit button shouldn’t be enabled since the user was never prompted to pick the correct address.


FYI Martinique is actually France but often shows up as a “country” in drop-down menus despite not being one. Maybe that’s it?


Yup. But also no.

Give that a whirl. I can find stuff in MQ now.


It worked :palm_tree:


I see more and more community made implant-accessories that deserve to be sold in a convenient dedicated location! :smirk:
Could DT handle something like that? Should it be entirely community driven? What projects should be in there and how would batches and stock be coordinated?

We need…
  • …community products on the DT catalog
  • …an independent webstore for community projects
  • …a DT managed community marketplace
  • …let everyone do their own thing

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I’m definitely in the camp of “let everyone do their own thing”… but also I’ve just commissioned a bulk run of @Az_F 's Lodestone PICO units for sale on the store.

There are a lot of different types of community projects, some of them require individuals to tinker and build from parts or plans, while others are interested in producing and supplying finished units.

Some people aren’t interested in tinkering or buying parts and putting things together, they just want to get something that works. I think we can solve that problem by purchasing in bulk and making it available on the website.

Also, some creators are not interested in the logistical aspect of shipping a bunch of stuff all over. Here again I think it makes sense to just purchase in bulk and supply via the store.


The SECRET is OUT!!!

You are so sneaky AZ



Sounds like a good compromise and a mutually beneficial deal. It sure takes the load of marketing and selling off of the creators shoulders while boosting both the project and DT’s catalog.
There might be some clarification needed on how projects are selected and how involved the community should be in that decision.

I believe that’s what the end goal was for Community projects , so it’s nice to see it become a thing.

Yup and thanks to @amal , this is a big step in making magnets even cooler :partying_face:


I think the process this went through is probably close to ideal;

  • creator makes a thing, posts
  • community likes
  • creator makes a few copies
  • creator sells few things to people
  • community happy
  • DT approaches creator about bulk production
  • creator decides to make a batch
  • creator and DT negotiate price
  • creator delivers to DT for retail sale

The step where I / DT would approach the creator is based purely on my subjective opinion of whether the “thing” would be a good fit with the products already on the store.


This is IMHO the best approach.


Came across these two quotes from David Labaree:

“we have credentialism to thank for aversion to learning that, to a great extent, lies at the heart of our educational system.”

“The payoff for a particular credential is the same no matter how it was acquired, so it is rational behavior to try to strike a good bargain, to work at getting a diploma, like a car, at a substantial discount. The effect on education is to emphasize form over content—to promote an educational system that is willing to reward students for formal compliance with modest performance requirements rather than for demonstrating operational mastery of skills deemed politically and socially useful.”

There’s a lot of truth in there. And it’s another reminder that some idiots really like their status symbols and relative positioning games. Humans tend to disappoint.


How does one add themselves or a trusted installer to the DT partner map?

Right now it’s a pain… I’m working with @tac0s to finalize a switch to a version that’s like the community map and easier to manage / update.


Okay. I just got the green light from my installer to add then so they can place bulk orders. What should I do?


Annoy me about it until I cave and add them :slight_smile:


Will do :saluting_face:

I work with this guy.
I’ve been machining weird and complex stuff for 30 years now. (whoa, mind fuck there) I have an impressive background and skill set, but no certifications of any kind. He’s been a journeyman machinist for a couple of years. As far as I can tell he got his papers just by putting in his time at his last job.

I have had to teach him…
How to use a bridgeport.
How to use a lathe.
Not to wear loose long sleeve shirts while working on the lathe.
We’re still working on not leaving the chuck key in the lathe.
How to program (MasterCam)
How to EDM, (had to teach myself from scratch first)
How to use the band saw.
How NOT to use the band saw.
Basic use of hand tools.
And I swear to God I’m not making this up, how to use steel stamps, and he still hasn’t figured it out.
He’s mastered exactly 0 of these skills.

He makes just over 6 dollars an hour more than me. He’s moving to a new job with a 10 dollar bump in pay.
So it’s not just a functional strategy in the education system. The part that freaks me out is that it is a VERY functional strategy.


I think it comes down to goals. If your goal is only to make more money then you’ll be only focused on that. Any system can be gamed. If you care only about advancing your pay then you can make that happen. Just like cheating in school, if your only goal is to get through it a fast and easy as possible, you can. You won’t learn a thing, but you’ll probably pass with a 4.0 GPA.

I think your goal is mastery of the thing you love doing. You’ll pass up moves that might increase pay but aren’t aligned with that goal. My bet is, at the end of the day with all the chips stacked up and accounted for, you’re happier than this guy… even if it doesn’t seem like it.


I don’t believe you did

I guess :interrobang: :man_shrugging: