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I think it comes down to goals. If your goal is only to make more money then you’ll be only focused on that. Any system can be gamed. If you care only about advancing your pay then you can make that happen. Just like cheating in school, if your only goal is to get through it a fast and easy as possible, you can. You won’t learn a thing, but you’ll probably pass with a 4.0 GPA.

I think your goal is mastery of the thing you love doing. You’ll pass up moves that might increase pay but aren’t aligned with that goal. My bet is, at the end of the day with all the chips stacked up and accounted for, you’re happier than this guy… even if it doesn’t seem like it.


I don’t believe you did

I guess :interrobang: :man_shrugging:





Mainly, fuck the Purdue math department. Fucked me out of one of my core requirements on multiple occasions. Completed most of the rest of my degree, and pissed away close to $100,000 and 4 years of my life.

Would have been much less money, but screwed me out of my grant after my first year.



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Anyone around that’s savy with wake on lan?
I’ve just about hit the end of google search

I can confirm most things are set like they should, and I can even confirm the magic packets are being recieved just no start up

In other news I re cable managed my computer desk all night last night and am pleased



What’s the configuration of the network? WOL enabled in the bios? NIC is integrated or adapter card? Motherboard power settings allow for live NIC when shut down? Seeing link and data LEDs on NIC active while shit down? Some NICs need to have WOL enabled in the NIC options via OS driver too.

Wire shark network tool,
I can turn it on and initiate the wol command and watch the packets come in

Laptop, plugged in
Ethernet to router
NIC is intergrated
Bios is set to allow
Device manager settings should all be aligned to allow wake on lan and magic packets etc

Windows OS?


If you’ve got discord, I can pop on there so as not to pollute the derailment thread with my troubleshoot request

Do have but couch surfing eyeballing kiddos the rest of the night. Could do later… maybe 4 hours from now or so?

Fair lol
I’ll be here poking at it until otherwise stated lol

I added / updated that on my nomination for your best post post

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Make sure WoL is enable in both your BIOS (if there is an option for it) and on your adapter properties in device manager. If there is no option for it in device manager, it’s possible that the adapter doesn’t support WoL. I’ve had a cheaper MoBo that didn’t have it before.

Did that

Are you using the MoBos NIC or an external NIC?
Which MoBo/NIC?

Realtec Ethernet

On battery or AC? Most laptops will not WoL on battery.

Plugged in