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My guess : “Large Icon” is black with transparent background and is displayed on a black background in the loading screen. Previously an image similar to “logo small” with a white background was on the black loading screen and hence was visible.
This happened when the app icon switched from the DT logo or “small logo” to the speech bubble so I assume the loading screen uses the app icon.
You probably replaced the legacy icon (single opaque image with a modern one (background + transparent
foreground) and only the foreground is being used.

That’s DT Branding
I don’t have access to the high res images to fix them

You haven’t hacked into the DT framework yet?!

I meant whoever did the change, I’m not sure who that is


I will now be using m16a4’s as my unit of measurement

…when he looks it up :sunglasses:


The most American measurement unit. :us: :eagle:


No need, but personally I would choose the HK416 any day of the week, a direct but improved copy on the classic


The YAL-1 mentioned at 5:33 needed a rotating turret on the nose of the aircraft. I actually made the support ring that the mirror assembly bearings rode on. I didn’t get much more involved than doing some of the machining of the segments (several people), but still, it was really cool at the time to know I was working on a FRIGGING AIRPLANE LASER.


Wow that is cool! Did the turret have a focusing mechanism or was it a solid beam of static diameter?

No where near my level, sorry. I made aluminum segments of a large ring that would be bolted together, they were painted with a green primer, inspected a thousand different ways, and then shipped off to Boeing’s Military division.

It’s a defunct program now, but back then they kept the details to themselves. The only thing I can add, is they made two test planes, before they decided to go a different direction.



Great reply to the post @RedWingx86 :+1: and i’m not tryng to “one up you”, just adding some clarity because THIS is not common knowledge. So you are not wrong, just maybe unaware, and your reply was totally appropriate in the context of that support thread.

The term “key” we can naturally assume the OP is meaning UID, so yeah, NORMALLY this is correct, One UID per chip.

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No no… you should look up how long a m16a4 is :sunglasses::smiling_imp:

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That’s cool, I always thought that was a super cool project

I’ve always thought it would be a pretty satisfying feeling to be one of the people machining something to go to the red planet

Probably unnerving as fuuuuck also,
You hear a rover or something have a catastrophic failure… or a mechanism jam… and even though it’s far more likely environmental or something Else…

“…oh god did I do something slightly wrong and nobody caught it?”

My stuff is a bit darker, :sweat_smile:
All the guns / holsters / optics I’ve helped build and or students I’ve helped teach over the years, and the stuff I sold during my time doing sales

Statistically it’s likely someone’s used something I worked, sold or taught for more than just range practice, I can only hope it was used for the right reasons

In related but happier and funny news, I’ve been a vr kick again lately (ghosts of tabor) a kind of vr Tarkov

And one of the AK red reflex optics had a giant smudge/finger prints on it, and I was both happy to see it… and annoyed that I saw it… I spend too much time looking at glass :sweat:


Imagine the pride from the people who built the Voyager probes. Way past expectations and still working just fine. Outside the Heliopause and still booking along. :rocket: Deep respect to the steely eyed missile men and women who pulled that off.

It’s been awhile since I did structural aircraft work, but this;

really fucks with you when you hear about a fatal plane crash.

And this

is why when I, rarely, travel with a firearm, the vehicle remains securely locked. The only time I ever lock my ride up even. Any other time the keys are in the ignition all day and all night. I wouldn’t mind if a theif got one of my guns and hurt themselves so much, but the idea of a kid getting hurt with one of mine, terrifies me.


THAT I didn’t know

OVERALL LENGTH: 39.63” = 1m =100cm = 1000mm

Nice :rofl:

I can get onboard with that.

Amal is 1.93 M16A4’s tall


29.92inHg that’s a good measurement and unit.

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Are we launching mercury implant?
They could glow really bright (and hot :fire: ) near strong enough emf

Meta now allows for AI image generation inside of messenger. It’s hilarious.

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Terrifying hahah


Remember when being current and “hip” on the internet meant that every word had to have an e in front of it? email, ebay, ebaums, etc. (yes, I am in fact, old)

For awhile it was the word cyber. Cyber-security, Cyber-systems, Cyber-truck. (That last one hasn’t aged well.)

Then we had the internet of things, when they desperately searched for a way to connect, well… Everything… to the internet in a totally meaningless way?

And when they started calling programs Apps, and begging like kids on the candy aisle to install them? Because Apps solve everything, right?

Now we have A.I. Everything.

Don’t get me wrong, some cool stuff came out of these, sometimes, but you could barely find it through the hype machine fog. I just really wish the hop-on-the-bandwagon P.R. apparatus would dial it back just a bit.

Big Sigh.