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Hi all this is James. I am doing a freelancer work

Why are you posting in this specific thread?

I’m going to move it…

Freelance what?

Do you have any implants? Do you plan on getting any?

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Hi James!

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Get an implant, much easier than all of that… And cheaper than the fursuit…

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@Pilgrimsmaster Got one you’ll like:

Original Post

Messing about with some of my cards today, and I noticed that autopwning one of my Mifare Classic cards reports 18 sectors worth of keys (0-17), as opposed to the 0-15 that the datasheet leads me to believe it should have, and all my other cards seem to have

But trying to view the dump only shows up to sector 15 as though it were normal


What’s up with these last two sectors? Any way I can get a peek at them?

autopwn does say “MIFARE Classic EV1 card detected” for this card and " No tag detected or other tag communication error" for the other tags if that’s important.

The tags I’m considering “regular” are gen1a too, maybe that’s the difference?

Can’t believe I didn’t try it in the first place, but hf mf rdbl --blk 64 returns “Auth Error” so I can’t get at the blocks individually either

manually giving rdbl a key with -k gives “Block 64 Cmd 0x30 Cmd Error 04. Read block error”

Basically a duplicate of this thread:

Thanks again @Pilgrimsmaster !

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Found some oldies … So pretty :heart_eyes:


Something something something Finger Install


I’d love to have that level of modularity. Although I’d go for a robot look at that point. Actually, I don’t only want the look…


Today I had a brief conversation that I just can’t wrap my head around.

Me: “Half the people are out sick where I work. It’s Type A Flu, and it’s spreading like crazy.”

19yo College Student: “I’ve had it twice, I’m immune.”

Me: “That’s not how that works.”

19yo College Student: * bewildered expression *

I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation, which I left pretty quickly. Also, this is basically a trade school class (welding) But, C’mon!

I think you just answered your own “question”

Probably getting a degree in gender studies and minoring in holistic medicine

My whole family has had it for a week straight. I’ve got nearly no symptoms but it’s knocking them out.

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Quod natura non dat, Salmantica non præstat…


Fuck you and Fuck Off spammer

Discourse is generally pretty good at picking up spam, but I have seen a few of these ones get through now

If anybody see’s these sneaky little fuckers, please tap the flag, so they can be deleted


Are we sure these are intentional by the person writing the post and not some bot/malware modifying it on the fly?
It just seems to me like an extremely inefficient way of spamming to go on an obscure forum, create an account, formulate a relevant reply to a very specific subject, all that just to put a link on a dot that nobody will ever click :thinking:
Maybe a browser extension?

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Maybe it’s something related to search engine optimization? It’s certainly not made for meatbags. And that’s probably the reason why our local AI is really good at noticing this type of spam?


Sure hope this doesn’t earn the Ban Hammer.


Yeah that’s what it’s for but you could just post links on some random un-moderated forum instead of trying to sneak it here. I don’t think a DT forum user from 2019 is the owner of a dodgy streaming website…


I THINK that user only had 2 posts, the other one ( users first post ) was slightly off.
Kinda made sense, but out of nowhere new user.
It was the contacting Fidesmo post.

I saw this as the “legitimize” post
next post sneak a SEO post in…

The whole thing seemed odd ( to me )

I could be wrong though…


Who are you calling OBSCURE? :rofl: