The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Yep, he’s a screamer.



Are you getting and ash and ink mix for a memorial Tattoo image

No, I am getting my Right arm, from my wrist to my shoulder, blacked out. Maybe with a negative mandala looking image. I have 3 tattoos I want gone, as they are not me anymore, and I got them all over 7 years ago.

I am also finishing my shroom tattoo, and my left arm will be as filled with as much color as it can be. Pretty much gonna finish the shroom, and the rest of my skin will be covered in a tie dye pattern.


Just got told by my piercer it was illegal to perform subdermal installs in my state? Asked about using the needle and he said he’d look into it.

Feel like we need to know what state now

Just a stab in the dark here


I used to live in West TN. If you meet a lady named Kristen with Horse teeth, run away.


I actually Laughed out loud

are you suggesting he should just say neigh?


Yes. Exactly. Or throw a carrot.

Did you throw a carrot :carrot: her way?

sounds like a little unbridled regret …

Tried to. She preferred Sugar Cubes.

About 15 hands worth.

Sounds like my cousin :eyes:


Did she marry an Army dude, and when that dude deployed, your cousin try to have sex with any dude? Bonus points if she also maxxed out credit-cards in her ex husband’s name? (Me)

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No she just got a boyfriend who did crack and also started doing crack

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I hit my hand yesterday pretty close to my R0 Xnt. It seems like I bruised the bone a bit, and ut hurts to press on it. Its not visibly inflamed, but it does hurt. Any idea on how to tell if my implant is OK? I’m pretty confident that it is, but just checking.

I’m More Amazed at the fact you can pay for petrol at the pump, australia seems to be behind on that

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Do you have to steal it Oz? :slight_smile:

not unless you want to pay for that petrol in prison time (there is a sec cam for every bay of a petrol station here)

But Nah we still have to go inside to pay, I’ve seen what looks like pay at pump interfaces, but I’ve never seen it working.