The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

What really gets me though are the flattening of vowels, particularly the a… so like we say pasta like paw staw but they say it paa staa …the a in any word always sounds like aaaaaaa … Mazda car brand … a name that is based on japanese phonetic letters Ma Zu Da (maw zoo daw) sounds in canada like maa zoo daa… drama … draamaa not draw maw… it comes streaming across the radio waves from Canadia FM we pick up down here across the border and it’s like spikes in my ears.

Canadian raising, eh?

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Worry not! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I found you a quick tutorial aboot :canada: pronunciation. :point_down:


Has anybody else seen these on Red Bubble?



Clearly not the sanctioned merchandise like below


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where did amal post that? instagram?

I wouldn’t know.
Instagram :nauseated_face: actually :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
but definitely here in the Forum

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exactly why I asked lol, I don’t use facebook / instagram so could have missed it


I updated my response

That’s another reason I like you


If anyone doing hardware work (or wanting to start) is looking for a new (or first) soldering iron, this seems pretty compelling. Only released 9 hours ago.

It’s made by PINE64, the same makers of the PinePhone. It’s compatible with TS100 tips (comes with a B2 tip), and it can be powered by USB-C (over USB-PD or QC3.0), or normal DC via a barrel jack. The specs look very comparable to the TS100, and the entire platform is fully open-source. The features look very similar to the much more expensive TS80, while also allowing for normal DC power input.

It’s RISC-V based too, and the first batch comes with a breakout board for JTAG access and GPIO pin access. Should be interesting to mess with, modifying the firmware should be fun. It’ll be neat to have physical RISC-V hardware after hearing about it for the last few years.

Only $25 plus shipping too. I went ahead and bought one to try out, it looks like standard shipping to the mainland US is $12, not sure about other countries.

(Not a PINE64 shill by the way, but they do a ton of work for the open-source community, and it looks like a neat product for the price)

EDIT: One thing to keep in mind, is that it doesn’t come with a power supply. I plan on using mine with my phone charger, which supports QC3.0.


I have a Pinebook Pro to learn Linux on, I really like it, good bang for the buck.


I saw the Pinecil on their page just yesterday, I have a really good gas soldering iron, but would be interested to hear your “Review” about the Pinecil

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About to buy one assuming they’re in stock! I’ve been waiting!!!


Did you get bored of the D?

I’ll definitely make a post when I get it and have used it for a little bit. I didn’t want to pay the extra $10 for courier shipping given the low cost of the order and lack of immediate need, so it’ll probably be a while before I receive it. Would you mind going in a little more depth on your thoughts on the Pinebook Pro? I’ve been looking at one for a little bit as a good ARM laptop to develop on (I really like tinkering with different architectures).

Yeah, matching discord, annoyed at being default. Don’t like the quality though :cry:

It sounds like they’ve been going in and out of stock in the last few hours, would definitely snag one if you’ve been waiting haha. It just seems like such a great deal.

(also, nice new profile pic)

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thanks! idk why pixelated, seems fine on profile page

no tip set too? I’m kinda tempted to buy all tips :joy:

I’m really running low on cash after buying the Pinecil and the PinePhone in the last few days lmao. Wasn’t expecting to be buying the Pinecil, but I got the notification that it was released, and couldn’t resist at the price. Their tips definitely seem like a really great deal, TS100 tips are normally pretty expensive in my experience. Especially if you’re already paying for shipping, it seems like a good idea to throw in a set or two if you can.

yeah I am looking at a pinephone for fun, but I play an AR mobile game so can never give up my Android daily driver. (needs safetynet / no root)

I am far from an expert as it is my first Linux Laptop so I have nothing to compare it to.
But some observations
One of the features I really like is, you have multiple boot options.
It comes preloaded with Manjaro, I put a Kali image on an SD card ( Kali have pinebook specific images on their site ), If you boot with an SD card inserted it boots from the SD card, so excellent for super quick image swaps. I did an image juggle and put Kali onto my EMMC, for which I needed the USB adapter. I don’t have an M2 to put in yet.
It runs EMMC, M2, SD, USB
Has tactile keyboard if you like that, also you can choose ISO or ANSI when you purchase

Not a fan of the default trackpad setting, but I haven’t yet tried to change the settings.
WiFi adapter seems fine ( there were some reports of issues ) but I haven’t done a lot of testing with it and mostly run in 5GHz

2 charging options, Type C and Barrel.

Super thin and lightweight, great for a backpack

Speakers and screen, nothing special, but you get what you pay for

I don’t like the need to remove ~ 8 screws to get access to anything, “in the back”

I like the finish , but it does show finger prints easily.

Anything in particular you want to know just ask