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I dig up the links…to be edited!


…so I listed examples when wires are poked into the brain.
Recently I did some research about this.
I was especially interested in implants in the head and the number of wires (loosely speaking).

Specific examples

I found that there are a few ways to (what you’d consider) attach devices to the body.

  1. Like prosthetic limbs: pick up signals from the skin
  2. Stimulate the nerves mechanically: haptic
  3. Stimulate the brain electrically: the list I commented above.

‘Neural Dust’ picks up muscle contraction directly. The implant recorded electrical potentials from the cerebral cortex.

It has a 64-channel interface.1 The Neuralink team in 2019 reports to stretch this number up to 1024 in rats. 2. A publication from 2004 analizes the relation between the number of electrodes and the audiological outcome of multichannel auditory brainstem implant (ABI). The report concludes that the quality of sensation can be improved with a deductive method. Implanted electrodes are de-activated if they don’t give auditory sensation, they give unwanted, stimuli or non distinguishable for another electrode’s signal.

  1. Muller, R., Le, H., Li, W., Ledochowitsch, P., Gambini, S., Bjorninen, T., Koralek, A., Carmena, J., Maharbiz, M., Alon, E. and Rabaey, J., 2015. A Minimally Invasive 64-Channel Wireless μECoG Implant. IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 50(1), pp.344-359.
  2. Chung, J., Joo, H., Fan, J., Liu, D., Barnett, A., Chen, S., Geaghan-Breiner, C., Karlsson, M., Karlsson, M., Lee, K., Liang, H., Magland, J., Pebbles, J., Tooker, A., Greengard, L., Tolosa, V. and Frank, L., 2019. High-Density, Long-Lasting, and Multi-region Electrophysiological Recordings Using Polymer Electrode Arrays. Neuron, 101(1), pp.21-31.e5.
  3. Kuchta, J., Otto, S., Shannon, R., Hitselberger, W. and Brackmann, D., 2004. The multichannel auditory brainstem implant: how many electrodes make sense?. Journal of Neurosurgery, 100(1), pp.16-23.

I was looking for a link to reference this:

There was a neuro-surgeon explaining how poking stuff into the head is a better way to connect stuff to the nerves, because the brain itself doesn’t hurt.
I didn’t find it yet. =( I think it was a video of an operation, maybe hearing implant? I deleted my search history…

I am by no means expert on the field. Neither have time to do extended research on the topic, so I am not competent by any stretch of the imagination. These are more like off-cuts of my research that can not be submitted at uni.

On a side note, I just watched the End of Evangelion, and the 2nd half is just a full blown acid trip
I am really not sure how I feel about it
On one hand I really liked it


You meant this?

or something more technical?

@Midoriya, I thoght I could get away to unicornlad without being specific :frowning:

Auditory brainstem implant, Neuralink, Visual Cortical Prosthesis System, deep brain stimulation to the :brain:
Other than that you can mainly do haptic…but you can prove me wrong by citing ultrasonic neural dust.


Yeah, If we didn’t “know” @Atilla , That post would have been quicky sent to Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

I read back my comments… boy, are they gibberish?!
Embarrassment reached level 11 on a 1-10 scale. I’ll blame it on the lack of :zzz:
:point_up:Found some of the links I was looking for. I edited my comment.

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I’ll try to find a decent torch. my last one got fucked.

on a similar note…

Does anyone here know of a good, low profile flat surface torch?
Preferably with strobo mode and pressure pad activation… Good to be mounted sideways on a picatinny/RIS/RAS rail?
Bonus kudos if it can already come in a pair sharing the same activation pad… :sweat_smile:

I assume someone like @anon3825968 would know of? :wink:

Nope. I don’t deal with tactical stuff other than what I work on at work, and my side gig is luxury hunting break actions.

damn… Guess I’ll have to learn how to make some… =/

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Make some what? Tactical flashlights or break-actions? :slight_smile:

If it’s the former, I’m pretty sure you can buy naked Picatinny clamps. With some machining, you could easily mount any old flashlight you want.

the tactical torches I need.
I can 3D model/print the body. That much is easy for me.

What would be slightly trickier for my skill level is to locate the right quality components and assemble the torch the right way: LEDs, reflexive back?, battery, circuitry, connect both units, connect both to a pressure pad with the right mode pads and toggles… and where the heck to find such a pad. :woman_shrugging:

3D printed plasticky parts and recoil… Hmm. Why am I not totally convinced :slight_smile:

These ones won’t meet recoil. :wink:

Also, once the prototype is ready I can take for someone to machine it out of my .stl


CHAAAARLIEEEE!!! :heart_eyes:

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3D printed plastic parts actually make terrifyingly effective full auto receivers/lowers, so I’m sure they could handle some recoil for at least a little while.

Pm me if you want to discus in more detail

Discos dead, and there has been a move away from it, as it hinders the user also, don’t buy the hype

High 45 of the non dominant side is the go to, casts the muzzle shadow into the least obtrusive area of vision

My recommendation making assumptions of use case.

Stream light hL-x rail

It’s quality and not China crap, but doesn’t cost surefire prices, 18650 compatible, uses a remote that has a momentary and a constant
(If you really want a double that could maybe be done but $$$)

Has a strobe mode, but I disable it as soon as it’s out of the package