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purewrist is a 70pF chip so yeah in theory we could use one of these new antennas once we dial it in.

actual antennas

no the custom 4G needle we send out works fine for things up to 8mm wide and maybe a little bit bigger. that’s because … oh @anon3825968 explained it… the only difference is that it’s not the entire circumference because the needle does not make a round hole, it makes a crescent shaped incision… but it’s still basically half the circle, so when you flatten this out and stretch the skin (skin is elastic, usually), it can still accommodate implants up to 8mm just fine.


You are right, but on the other hand I have a feeling it is more complicated then that. I agree with what you are saying, but I don’t really feel it is okay. I can’t really properly formulate my own opinion right now

they are much smaller than a blinky… the nfc nails are basically 8mm wide to start with… so adding 1mm margin for poly on either side and you end up with a 10mm wide thing at the very least.

I don’t agree with it either. I have a sense of what you are getting at, but I believe in full body autonomy.

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I go and get a tea…


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That’s pretty much my thing here too - it just feels strange. The things @RyuuzakiJulio says are, from an intellectual point of view, totally valid - but on an emotional level, I just can’t fully agree.

That example is just perfect for my feeling - it is, technically, correct. But it feels wrong on many levels - the fact that the man is the husband of the angry wife he cheated on is his problem as well, because the marriage seemed to include some kind of exclusivity considering sex, and he agreed on that and kinda broke that agreement.

Partly, yes - I can decide if I want to get mad about something or not, to a degree. But some deeds, words, actions are clearly able to seriously hurt someone, and I think it is in our responsibility to try to avoid that, if possible. Taking extreme examples again (and because the topic was already touched) - I wouldn’t find it appropriate to walk into a meeting of holocaust survivors while showing a swastika tattoo on my skin, even if I decided to get it done because it’s a symbol of luck in Asia.
It would obviously be offensive.
Other example - I’ve got two ravens on my back, and that might be offensive to people with massive fear of birds. But that is pretty rare, and I can’t know that in advance, so I won’t cover my tat everywhere I go.
Third example - some people are offended by a lot of things, and might as well be offended by my sheer existance. Okay, at that point, it’s definitely no longer my problem, sorry. :wink:

I think if we know something will seriously affect someone else (and no, I have no idea where to draw that line), we are responsible for how we behave. Not saying you are not allowed to go into the holocaust-survivor-meeting with a swastika tattoo, but you should be pretty aware of the consequences and not hide behind “that wasn’t the meaning I intended it to be, so it’s your own fault if you’re angry now” :wink:

Same here :wink:


I love your examples, do touch on that “feelings” part.
Of course, we are emotional creatures.

The husband example wasn’t a robot.
He as an adult surely knew the probable consequences of having outside marriage unprotected physical relations with no other than “the maid”. A moment of weakness or whatever he decides to feel about it.

The point of the story was to show that no matter of other people’s actions, we are still individuals that will have to confront the events caused by another person.

The maid will have to decide if she wants to keep the kid or not.
The husband will have to decide if he wants to take care of his new child or run away or whatever, if he wants to appeal to continue the marriage under whatever basis he can come up in his head.
The wife will have to decide if she wants to continue the relationship, end it, take revenge, shoot them both.

IDK, pretty much (Insert here possible reactions for each individual)

Swastica on an holocaust survivors meeting.
You own your actions, and you could probably slide in.
But again, you can’t control how they will react.
Perhaps your idea of having the swastica tattoo is a way to make people always remember the “horrors of history” and you advocate for never forgetting the suffering that this holocaust survivors endured. So you use a controversial imagery as a public way to attract attention so you can deliver your message.
Perhaps they come and hug you in gratitude for permanently carrying with you memories of their pain at the cost of being accused and abused wherever you show yourself with that symbolism in order to make the world always remember what happened to them.

Or you could trigger a more unstable person to commit a serious crime against you for carrying that imagery…

Full circle back, and we are back on the type of person that would react negatively to the actions of other un-related people just because they liked a tattoo.

Btw an asian 卍 and 卐 characters of swastica is not angled like the nazzi one.

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Caution! You are one click away to be triggered!

Have you ever repeated a word until it lost its meaning? (semantic satination)
Keep a symbol as taboo, therefore preserving it’s power to shock.
giphy (3)giphy (2)
I don’t blame the German approach at all! They were collectively treated guilty and they collectively had to come up with a response. Well done on that. imho.

On the other hand I wish to see a political artist who would dare to spam a country with swastikas to reclaim it from the NSDAP once ‘n’ for all.
Ai Weiwei filled Tate Modern to the ankle with sunflower seeds. That was just as political as the theoretical example I mentioned above.

ohh, and more South Park reference, for good measure:

But it takes 22.3 years. Because of emotions…

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So those new pcb antennas

I’m assuming they are fairly rigid now with no flex?
This is a good thing for durability right?

Does this change suitable locations much?

Also for no reason whatsoever,

I’m curious how radio opaque those are compared to the flex wedge, they look gorgeous and it would be nifty if they showed up nicely on X-ray

oh they are still quite flexible … but moving the chip to the center means the edges are now like wings… they can flap up and down but overall the center “body” will be rigid. the important thing for robustness is not the rigidity but the type of connection the chip will have to the antenna… it will not be a 0.1mm wire welded to a tiny trace on the MOB package, but a nice fat wide solder pad with lead free solder… and the metal “wings” on the MOB package itself are also designed to move and flex a bit too… so short of a burst of several massive impacts, I don’t think it’s going to break connection.

not really

probably not all that different actually… it’s kapton with some solder mask on top. more so than the biopoly alone of course, but probably not much difference to be honest.

Never said about getting a degree, just about feeling it and actually knowing what it means and how significant it is for another culture.

So what are your thoughts on someone walking down the street with a Golliwog tattoo? (honest question)

Or a depiction of mohammed?

If you feel belonging, that is all that matters…

I think this is a whole mile apart from my original point.

This is a good example of something which has been “deculturalized”.

No matter was the original meaning in Japan, now that emoji is part of a wider culture where it has a completely different meaning.

Another great example of that is the Swastika.

It had a very positive meaning. Had been present in multiple cultures, in multiple religions, always as a completely positive symbol with a beautiful meaning!

Then the Nazi party decided to take that as their icon… and now you can’t even talk about it without being judged…

I agree completely here!
I never said people should not be able to do things.

Take a look at my example: “Blackface”. not even many years ago, so many (not all, ofc) people were doing that while actually believing they were being “in support of the african-american community”… while they were actually just being offensive, without even realising.

Just like a random dude with a Maori tattoo… he thinks he is being rad and that the Maori will love him for that… but they will actually feel disrespected.

etc, etc…

If you think you are annoying me, quite the contrary!!

I do enjoy a good debate with clever people with diverging opinions from mine!
It’s a great way to grow!! :grin:


So here’s the question…

Where’s the line when traditional styles start to blend together

Or how much “influence” are you allowed to draw from a traditional style, that you may not belong to

It’s an interesting philosophical debate

Well, then how about:
source (3)
The maoi, who claims moral high-ground,
is just as wrong as one who culturally mis-appropriate!
images (8)

Either ALL plays by the rules,
or might as well grap a stick and let the strongest win?


Story of my day

Today I went to the shop, and the security guy a̶s̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶ fucking told me off for wearing my hoodies.
I was like

Bro! :point_right: :mask: :point_left:
And he pointed at the security cameras… plus waved another employee over to back him up…
Anyways I pulled off my hood and was looking at some dead animals, but my moral compass didn’t stop swinging.
Aaaand then I was another guy in the shop in hoodies.:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:
I need to mention I was stopped str8 upon entrance!!! So I’m pointing at the guy in the middle of the shop,
:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: :point_right: :point_right:18eb529ae00f4b7f5924b3b6e928878c
I was like: WTF?? Why is that cool?
The guy took it off, and the employee who was waved over tried to get into a debate with me…
I asked him if BURKA was ok?
So he said of course, there is nothing wrong with it.

(imagine the swearword I’m thinking now…)

No, boy, no!
You don’t justify this! That is discrimination based on religion, that is!

On that note, today I learned that Maori-styles tatoos designed for non-Maori wearers are called kirituhi, and are designed specifically so anyone can have them, thus sharing the Maori customs with others. The traditional ones specifically made for Maori are called ta moko… fascinating stuff!


Any! You can argue that anything(!) that is cultural is also appropriated.
However, you can debate the context.

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Also, most cultural things are just other cultural things blended together; I am not quite sure about the whole cultural appropriation thing

For example, most traditions in my country are just modified pan-slavic tradition which in turn are just modified tradition of the tribes that preceded that etc etc ad nauseum, with some germanic and romance and balkan things sprinkled in. Do you think cultures will ever become homogenous, or will there remain pockets that stay the same?

•I need to look up that maoi stuff, that is well-interesting.

•Seems like we are mocking @Eyeux, however it’s the opposite.
I have spoken to plenty of guys from NZ admitting to hate seeing their traditional patterns on westerners.

Sure, arguable. It depends how you define culture and how you blend it with ‘meme’, that is appropriation by definition…sort of.

McLuhan - Global Village?
=) Atilla’s vision is rather dystopic, he thinks cultural tension is going to fuel WWIII.

I thibk that every culture is composed of a series of cultural apropriations with some light modifications, so it is in my opinion a little hypocrytical to claim cultural apropriation. Its 1 am i am sorry if i am not making sense

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with appropriation.
I do it daily =)
Also it is proven to be good way to learn.
Some might call it standing on the shoulder of giants.
Even copying can be ok.

From dialectical to emperical ways…

I repeat myself now: all about the context.

Thus I use the word: “mis-appropriation” and so you should.

And I tell you why: I hate the fact that callout culture hijacks the dictionary.
New words get a layer of :poop: meanin, that’s ranked up by google in an instant.
Grooming used to be a pleasure activity, to bond with…
Gaslighter was a thing I kept as treasure in my kitchen at work.
Being awake used to refer to brains that present ßwaves… the list goes on perhaps…