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When you get one they tell you this. I assumed it was bullshit concern about the transmitter inducing currents in the leads but magnets make more sense.

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Yesterday evening when I came back home from work, I spent an hour and a half shifting a foot of snow off my driveway. This morning, I see a foot of fresh snow on my driveway through the window.

That’s the magic of winter: snow magically reappears :slight_smile:

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Just like standard units, they are forever lmao :joy:

Give me a like, and I’ll never mention it again :wink:

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Meantime in Hokkaido


That looks amazing, A little different from when I went there in Summer time.

I went during the Sapporo Summer Festival,which was also awesome.

I also had the largest ice cream of my life there


Depends on your birth and how you define self when you were part of your mother lol

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I was one of those pests who caused pain to his mother.
Naught Atilla!
I tried a few stuff injected, but not in my spine.


No way! You couldn’t eat it in one sit!


Finished my Mrs one


I worked as pastry chef… seen this and thad regarding to desserts before, but not with gelato.
I saw a guy eating a 14slice cake after shift :open_mouth: :cake:

Edit: actually… The girl tapped out after 6 or 7 scoops, when it was frozen. But then we re-bet the bet and she let her ice-cream to melt and chugged about 2 pints of vanilla. That is a lot of scoops.

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I didn’t exactly enjoy all the flavours, but most were good, I HAD to try them all.
Luckily It was only around 20°C so not too messy

Choice overload, not bad for the topic of the day.
I was wondering about popping in Mouse Utopia, but decided to make Rosco happy with it instead!

Yeah, y’all in Japan get a shitload of show like that. The biggest difference is as far as I’m concerned is, I don’t have to shovel it away, while I do have to clear my driveway :slight_smile: And since the eco-moron in me thinks running a motor snowplow isn’t a very good use of the Earth’s resources, I do it by hand and it always takes me between 1h and 1h1/2.

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Plow plow

Ramune soda ice cream is the best thing created ever since sliced Mochi!!

I would gladly have 2 of those for lunch. And find space for another one as dessert!! :sweat_smile:
(not a theoretical statement)


Depends where you live. I lived in Sapporo and Ishikari and we still had to wake up at 4 or 5 AM and start clearing up snow up to the waist before it starts to turn into ice. The snow was basically right up to the door when you open it. Oh and 4-5 am was already like 9 am bright in California

Have you thought of letting it build up head-high on the sides of your “trench”, then closing it off igloo-style to create a snow tunnel you won’t have to clear again until it melts? :slight_smile:

Additionally, if I was you, I’d start looking into explosives to speed things up.


watches some random youtube stuff

sees amals face

Hears amals name

Creates post @ derailment thread



Looks a bit like that one Mario Kart map

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