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BD is a good company. If you are worried, reach out to the manufacturers with the lot number and product ID.

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In the beginning i wasnt worryed at all :smiley:

The Replys here made me worry xD

I dont think there is a reason to contact them.

its handeld&sold by a online pharmacy, so i think they know how to handle this stuff.

All of it is perfectly in date

But what to do with the 50 ML Serynge?

i could change the brake fluid of my car with it :smiley:

other suggestions?

maybe vaxx some corona deniers

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I don’t want to speak for what other people were thinking, but when you said less than 50c what came to mind was eBay purchases of unknown origin.

With that image, I can see why people were worried. With the context of just small quantities from a medical supply company, I’d be a lot more comfortable in believing the claims of sterility. (Not a doctor, just an idiot with a keyboard, do not take this as advice, if erection lasts longer than 4 hours seek treatment)



Or i make my venes glowing with it


Just to be very clear about sterile packaging. The pouches things come in are DESIGNED to be full of holes. The paper backing MUST be full of holes to allow the sterilant INTO the INSIDE of the sterilization pouch. But once sterilized and removed from the processor (autoclave or EO chamber or whatever), those holes immediately work against you and can easily allow bacteria and viruses right on into the pouch if not handled extremely carefully. This is why we do not just shuffle around our inventory after receiving it from the EO processor… it is bagged and sealed and we leave our products in those bags until kitting, which is when we put them (while wearing gloves) into the kit poly bag and seal that up… and then put a sticker on that to tell customers not to open it until install day… all that is to minimize contamination through that shitty fishnet of a paper backing.

Things that can ruin sterilization;

  • touching with bare skin (skin oils easily penetrate the paper, dragging in germs with it)
  • getting it even remotely damp (water vapor further destroys the paper and drags germs in)
  • thermal cycling (even small changes in air temperature of only 10 degrees is enough to force air in and out of the pouch through the paper, like it’s breathing… and it’s breathing in germs)
  • looking at it wrong (your dirty eyes are only exceeded by your dirty thoughts)

So yeah, being sent a hodge-podge of shit just jumbling around on your desk… it is definitely getting contaminated.


thats such a fuckn good important information!!

apart from the fact that I then handeld it totally wrong here a picture how it was sent to me^

then this on top:

thats all. no other packaging around.
according to the info you gave me this is horrible

hell… guess I have to warn my piercer and my bodmod-artist about that… might lead to terrible things! :smile:

Yeah, looks trustworthy… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m screwed, I’ve been eyeballing these uninstalled implants for weeks.


I’d mostly be worried about the dirty sex orgy they had on top of their giant pile of these in their warehouse before they even got carelessly tossed into the box.


I sent them a mail with the pictures.

maybe they will add another outside packaging layer so it cant breathe in the dirty DHL air with Temp cycles


This can’t go wrong…

Doesn’t Estonia have a similar system already (e-identity/e-id)?

It seems to be going alright, on a very surface level. Don’t know many Estonians though :man_shrugging:

We have this here in Finland, only the government dropped the ball and decided to delegate this to private banks. I’m not comfortable at all knowing my bank knows whenever I log onto my employer’s HR thing to log my hours, or onto the tax office’s website, or onto the population registry, or customs… Anything I do that involves strongly identifying myself, my banks knows, even if they’re not involved. That’s disturbing.

As for what goes wrong: if you lose of break your phone, you get to pay €4.50 to have the app reinstalled. The app is secured by a 4-digit pin only - no TFA here, especially if your phone is stolen. You can’t run it on a rooted phone.

Germany wants the government to do all this. It’s better than banks, but governments are notoriously bad at securing IT stuff.

Yeah, that’s a major yikes. Not being able to run a basic governmental function on a rooted phone (or a phone running an OS of my choosing) is a big issue. That’s also giving preferential treatment to phone manufacturers and software companies with a major market share.

That concept scares the absolute shit out of me. That’s a lot of knowledge and information to have in the hands of private business (banks) or the government.

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Yep government is notoriously bad at _________


I think you might be missing the forest for the trees if you think governments are bad at everything.


Feel free to speak about what I was thinking. that was exactly the thought behind my first comment as well!

Wasn’t as much a comment on the products as a comment on how you presented them, @mrln. :wink:

But I do indeed assume nothing reaches me sterile. That is my own overzealousness talking. :sweat_smile:

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Anyone here with a flexEM that can confirm increased range with the EM AC V2? (strangely I can barely read my NExT through my windshield anymore)
I was going to wait for the updated blinkies on the MN but am kinda impatient so might just get both :smile:

Temperature can affect tuning of things… is it extremely cold out since having a hard time reading your NExT?

Also yes I can confirm a serious improvement in range with the flexEM over x-series with the xacv2