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Also I have been popping these suckers since before youtube was a thing. Here’s a pile of my locks.
Many many more in boxes around.

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RFID/NFC access control is the common theme I think.

fake credit card?
3D printed heel?
3D printed belt buckle?
Sewn to the hem of your trousers with a weaving thread?

That’s pentesting 101 and pentest is a huge entrypoint into RFID/NFC stuff.

2 minutes, bloody quick timing there @Pilgrimsmaster


I keep flat bars and a few picks inside my phone case behind my phone

My opinion if you're interested

Hmm, personally I’m not convinced, which is why I don’t have one, but I’m glad it works for you.

LPL is obviously very proficient at what he does and I really enjoy his content, however I watched him using his set and it looked painfully uncomfortable to say the least. (It actually reminded me of in infomercial)

I do have a jack knife as a part of my EDC, it is usable, but it really is just a backup.


Both of those are nothing compared to a “proper” set of tools, rather than a “would do” in a pinch set.

I would personally recommend one of the slimline sparrows kits with just a couple of additions to make a slim yet fully functional set in a full form factor.

Such as
Dark Shift
Expansion set
Comb Bars
RockOut Keys
You could go for the coffin keys but this would unnecessarily bulk out the kit
The warded key set are really just fillers in the LPL set.

I have had a few different ideas over the years, but I am yet to put anything to paper or build any prototypes. one of the reasons being I dont see the point in a set with Tension tools but without picks.

I am guessing you want the tension set to accompany the LPL set?
TOK, BOK or both?
One of my ideas would probably suit it, but again I would suggest a “proper” set over 2 gimmick sets

I’ll keep you in mind if i get around to actually making one of them.

Yes, there are 2 easy tweaks to the tool that makes it much easier to use

  1. Open your desired tool then tighten the pivot screw nice and tight using a coin

  2. I’m working on cutting down some knurled thumb screws I have that are the same thread to do the same but quicker

I had the same impression: it’s like a bunch of picks and tools gathered up into a rather unwieldy and inconvenient-to-use package. Kind of like a Swiss army knife actually: it sacrifies convenience for portability.

I wouldn’t call it unwieldy once you tighten it

It’s about 80% as usable as a standard pick, but I have about a dozen and a half and half the size

Plus nobody gives it a second glance

Yeah, I guessed.
I thought the same when I saw it. How would I “fix” it.

I think the underlying problem is, once you take care of giving rigidity to the tool with your solutions above, is if it is anything like my jack knife, you still don’t get the same feedback, but with yours I could be wrong here.

I have seen some solutions on a few commercial ones, and one of which I have tried (but don’t own personally), they do a good job, but just not good enough.

This is the one I have tried.
The collar slides over the pick pivot. but still some wiggle


These two I haven’t tried, but I have seen videos.
This one uses the side lever to tighten it.

This one has the large knurled knob on the side to tighten (similar to your proposal) It appears to work well, but it looked like the knob got in the way :thinking: whilst using it.

Fixed it for you.

Yeah, it was a painful watch, I wanted to like it, but was just disapointed. Probably his only video I didn’t enjoy

I was skeptical of the flat travel hook, but it’s dam close to a real full size

Can I just mention how much I dislike Sparrows aesthetics? This tactical shit just tends to look unprofessional :confused:

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The question is, has anyone purchased the disc detainer pick that he and Bosnian Bill made?

I have one sitting about 1m away from me. Works well on simpler disc detainer designs (chinese no-names, Kryptonites and similar), but is not good enough for more complex things, especially those involving back of the keyway tension. It sits in a weird place - on the one hand, it’s a lot better than the 15$ Aliexpress disc detainer picks, on the other hand, it can’t be used to pick any really “serious” locks - you would need a Silver Bullet for that.

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I usually try to be nice to people here, as much as possible… but… hellllll… I currently have a strong desire to throw something as simple as “hail satan” or the likes in here. And that desire can’t be related to implanted chips, I currently have none…

Lemme just tell you this - I’m doing really fine without jesus. Really. Really fine. :wink:

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That doesn’t prevent Him from being your Lord and Savior. He ain’t picky, he’ll save and lord over even you :slight_smile:

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That’s one of the things that bothers me most with those religious fanatics (of all kind): Even if I openly oppose their religion, nooo, their god “still loves me and rules over me”. But damn, I don’t want him to! I even claim he doesn’t exist at all! Sigh…



You don’t know what’s you missing… :slight_smile: Jesus is the best thing you never saw, right after Santa Claus and Superman.

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And the invisible pink unicorn, above all! :unicorn:
Well… similar to Santa, I’m fine if people are happy believing in him, and if it makes their lives better. All okay for me. But to tell me “nah, Santa loves you and brings you presents if you’re a nice girl, even if you do not believe in him” just sound ridiculous^^

This should be the start of you realizing something is wrong.

Talk to a doctor please, tell them what you have told us.