The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Like 5 shared work computers


Never signed up for something so fast in my life


Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:


Just a little thing, so - if all goes well - possibly not worth its own thread, but I’m going to get my xSIID installed in about 3 hours :star_struck:
I found out that my local piercer is comfortable with injecting it, there is no need to travel 4 hrs by train this time, so I managed to squeeze it somewhere into my otherwise pretty full calendar - adding to that, studios might or might not be in lockdown again from monday on :expressionless:

So I’m finally “one of us” again in a few hours :smile:



You little social butterfly :butterfly: :wink:

Yay, welcome back, even though you never really left being “one of us”. :unicorn:

don’t forget to jump on

I hope it goes well and heals even better.

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Haha, yeeeeees…no. Just a bit busy with coordinating the renovation, having some online courses and - luckily - still being able to work, no matter if lockdown or not. Social… pffffff :wink:


always felt like that :wink:

Will do! Though I’m already pretty sure that my smartphone cover effectively stops my phone from reading implants - at least the field detector is pretty bitchy…

Thank you! I hope it’s all-in-all uneventful, but I’ll give a little update by tomorrow or so :wink:


What was the status on NFCKill and flex implants?
Could only find info regarding xseries specifically.
Considering it as an alternative to extracting my PAY when it’s dead.

Google is pushing for an android ecosystem of digital keys for all the things. With the secure element in the Apex, this may be good news for us if it is widely adopted. If your car already was NFC key capable and you could deploy an applet to your implant, life would be much easier.

Edit: I would prefer to see a multi-company consortium do this rather than just Google but it may be a start to get to that point.

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Wow that sounds really promising! Nice find! Probably even deserves a thread for some exposure.

How did it go?
Are you back in the land of the Blinky :bulb: ?


Quite uneventful, as expected - my piercer never worked with an injector before (he did some glassie installs, but always with his own needles), and he really liked it. Pain was comparable to a cartilage piercing, I’d say, the only strange sensation was the amount of pressure needed to actually break the skin. Other than that, easy and fast. Bled quite a bit, but after applying some pressure, it stopped pretty soon. That’s how it looks like today:

Some minor swelling, but almost no more pain - first day was a bit uncomfortable when moving too much, and since I decided to get it done about 15 minutes before I had to go to work, I ended up being a bit less productive than usual yesterday :smile:

I’m not officially sure yet - I get solid and fast reads with the DT reader, but of course no blinky yet. Guess I’ll have to wait a few days or weeks for that :wink:

Oh, and since I always like to spread the word a bit (if the artists allows it, of course) - Thomas from Anatomie in Münster (Northrhine-Westphalia) might not install flexies, but is always happy to put some xSeries into somebody, and he’s a cool guy with tons of piercing experience, so I can totally recommend him!

edit: Oh well, since I put a link in here and it’s the derailment-thread anyways - Anke and Igor are great piercers as well, and Nico (the tattoo artist of Anatomie) did all my tattoos and made me very happy in doing so, so I can really recommend them all if someone here wants piercings or tattoos as well :wink:


As this is the derailment thread can I just say I like your power switch.


Have you seen it “lit up”? :bulb:


Also if you haven’t seen it, you should ask @coma about her scarification.

Also if you like Glowy things, ask @LordSethos2000 about his tattoos or check out his thread


was digging around thru my deep storage trying to organize my totally unorganized storage harddrive

and I found a video I thought I lost of one of the coolest things I’ve ever made
a decently long lasting pulse jet


Thanks! Totally love that one - it’s from Haworth (he’s got them in two sizes, it’s the bigger one), and any good bodmod-artist should be able to install it. Dunno where you live, so this might or might not be easy to get, but like I already said I can absolutely recommend it :wink:

Hmmm, it’s a shame I have no blushing unicorn sticker… thanks :wink: It hasn’t changed much since the last picture I shared here, guess I’m gonna post a little update on 10th of april - it will be 6 months old then :slight_smile:

Oh yes, they are truly amazing! Still a bit envious of them :smile:


My stepdaughter is a tattoo artist and has UV reactive inks… Strangely I also have no tattoos.

My wife has several though.

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