The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

You know it might just be because he was referring to two persons? So, “their” might just have been used as the usual 3rd person plural. And maybe in quotation marks because discord isn’t “your” space?

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silly billy! thats because you arent a valid person who deserves respect! uh oh! try again when you dont use made up pronouns !!

[this comment was made by a disgusting they/them feel free to not respect me either ]

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Shh… that still doesn’t even make sense

I suggest a time out to let passions cool, as things are apparently getting out of hands. I’d hate for people to say shit they don’t mean and would regret




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if yall wanna upgrade this from circle jerk to full on gay sex, inbox me :wink:


Can we discuss “piezo vs micromotor vibrators in x-series glasses” instead?

Would people please stop saying the word pronoun, it makes me go back to primary school English class and a very disturbing time in my life. I still haven’t forgiven my primary one teacher for marking me down…

The textbook said draw a bat and a ball so I drew a :tennis: and a :bat:

Hmmm what do you have in mind?

Whatever turns you on… I mean floats your boat.

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Looking up some high end quartz watches made me think about the v2 xG3. A micro motor is a very similar concept.
I come across with the idea of piezo implant every now and then on the forum, but it either needs more power to operate and/or it would be rather large.

Since the xG3 v2 is available I was wondering if anyone has thought about developing a device that gives haptic feedback?

…not the dictionary definition of turn-on, but this thoughts keep me rather entertained

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wouldnt a watch ticking vibration drive you mad tho? im not joking im sure thata form of torture the CIA use

A mechanical watch… sure, it stays away during bedtime.
My quartz watch (alibaba quality) is silent enough to be on the wrist even at night.

I think Mythbusters dealt with the case under the title of “Chinese Water Torture” or similar.
Cyborgnest mentions about devices to give sensation of passing time.
But to be fair, there is not a lot they published, so it was either a failed concept or stayed as concept.

Presumably you would only have it tick if you wanted it to.

Slightly less implanted but I use my fitness band when I am on call to notify me of incoming text messages. If I’m awake no big deal and if I am asleep it wakes me up.

So what are we talking about a band or something that interacts with a magnetic implant.

I’m assuming an implant that physically buzzes itself, presumably after receiving power at least remotely.

I don’t think it’s a simple as just an electromagnet and a magnet (or even lump of metal) if that was the case then a titan would be sufficient.

Hmm, having any sort of moving part in a glass tube ain’t ideal.

The ntag i2c can drive a small motor but needs more force to start the movement. Maybe a piezo would work.

What you think that wrapping a moving object in glass might cause issues with the glass?

Say it ain’t so.

I think the concept is to have something that causes a sensation without it requiring any obvious external parts.

Why you need a vibration to stimulate nerves from inside the body I am not sure. I would have thought that something that could directly (or indirectly) stimulate the nerves without movement would be even more elegant.

However I suspect that having such a device implantable by anything less than a surgeon might be harder.

Yes, this has become “can I implant a shock collar”… :rofl:

Not really.
Electric nerve stimulation is on the radar of DT as far as I remember.
Moving parts in glass: xG3, particularly the 2nd version!

So far we haven’t successfully unfolded the possibility of piezos and micro motors, in whatever form.

In fact a micro motor could be encapsulated in titanium with a tungsten carbide bearing to make it last as long as it lasts. It might be okay, it might be disposable, such as the payment chip, yet I think it worth a constructive discussion.

Ah, almost forgot it… this baby here is now six months old :wink: