The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

It’s not about being offended or censorship. It’s entirely about people bringing their off topic frustrations and grievances here to try to bash it out.

In general, people know when they’re poking something just to poke it. Stop that. Not here. Respectfully disagreeing is fine, and discussion used to be a thing here, but if you have to resort to profanity and insults, you’re doing it wrong.

Just stop.


Everybody cool now?

We’re cool, we promise…
Right guys???

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With how bad we derail threads this was only a matter of time if were being honest with ourselves


So cool,

Hey does anybody have an idea how I could compress an image of my vaccine card down small enough to fit on my flexDF and still be legible? I apparently have 7676 bytes to work with, and I want it to be a vCard. I could do some image editing on it I guess.

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I pretty much just threw a private url on it, I can’t imagine I find myself somewhere that cares and has no internet

Being on my chip means even if my phone died someone else can load it

I have not yet been anywhere that cared enough to ask to see mine, or even if I had been vaccinated.

Yeah I specifically want that. I want it to be seamless and not require internet or configuration on the user’s device. They just tap and bam vaccine card. I’m hoping it will seem like magic for people who don’t even know what an NFC is. I know some vaccine skeptics and I would very much like to freak them out.

I’ll try and make it 2 bit color and lower the resolution and such in illustrator and see how small I can make it.

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Neither have I, in addition I don’t like the concept on several levels but it’s not worth discussing

I have mine mostly as tounge in cheek / parody

But name a location that would care, and doesn’t have cellphone signal

Oh, I thought I was pretty explicit in my previous post. This is not to act as an actual functional vaccine passport. In america the land of freedumb no store would dare actually force me to present evidence of vaccination for fear of backlash, and additionally this card is a paltry excuse for proof anyway. I would prefer a national register that’s connected to my ID or something that actually provides evidence of vaccination so I don’t have to rely on our crappy for-profit medical system to track that, it would be on my person.

Regardless, the intention here is to make it as frictionless as possible so that when I encounter people who gripe about vaccine passports, I can have them tap my arm and “magically” show them my “vaccine passport” to freak them out. I’ve encountered a few people who are vaccine skeptical and I’m about tired of it. Worst case they never speak to me again, best case they get a bit of horizon expansion.

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I resemble that remark. I work in a large (not for profit) healthcare organisation and the medical system isn’t too bad. The Health Insurance Industry should however be done away with.

There are other things I would change like the way they shove you in a small room for hours while you wait for the doctor, lack of house-calls, and other things I miss from the UK.

There’s definitely lots of aspects that could be improved, but in this instance I would specifically cite that I don’t have any of my vaccination information from when I was young, because I moved around a lot and you have to rely on your old doctors office to fax your records to the next one down the chain. Those are gone now for me, would have been convenient to have a national registry since vaccinations of all kinds are at least 50% a public safety concern instead of just personal safety.


I have records of some of my vaccinations (like my Measles vaccine) but by no means all. Medical Records are complicated, particularly as different states have different rules about retention.

There are definitely aspects that could be improved drastically. Standardized medical record formats, a central repository for them, universal healthcare,… But the quality of care is pretty good.

Not to be the derail-monster again, but I just realized that when typing words like “exactly”, it’s doing the same - is that intended? :wink:


Clearly or it would be next to a titanic mistake.

I assume it is looking for a simple string whether it is embedded in a word or not. Depending on how it is done it might be possible to change that to non-alphabetic characters surrounding the name.

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Haha, nope.
I saw that in your other post and took a screenshot.

I have a fault logged with Discourse, they are looking at it, and have agreed there is an issue.

It is also doing it for compound words like Titanic (thanks @Zwack) that I was already aware of

NExT was the obvious one it was going to happen with, so I have also asked about being case sensitive.

You guys are my Guinea pigs whilst I try to make some mods, so apologies if it is throwing off your posts vibe.

I had overlooked the word exact for xAC, so I might remove that, like I have done for the NExT until a fix / patch comes through.

Also, the word Titanic, I didn’t think would be used much… Unless somebody was being a Titanic dick :wink:

Luckily if it is a phrase, it is smart enough to do it correctly.

Lifestyle vs lifestyle bundle


Have you tried Roscos solution

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Could you throw it on a Google drive or something similar and use a url?