The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Shouldn’t you be announcing these new products in development in the DT Club thread instead. :rofl:

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Its the newest, state of the art implant, the xCH :smirk_cat:


Naa starting new company Dangerous Supplements :wink:


Ever felt jealous when your cat horked up a hairball, well, now you too can experience the joys of choking on a giant wad of cat hair with the new ball-o-fur capsules from “Dangerous Supplements”




Who even are you people?


Your Answer lies within

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Chips 101

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Chip Implants 101 | Dangerous Things

Biohacking is the next phase of human evolution. Human augmentation with microchip implants is just the first step, but an important one. Upgrade yourself today with an RFID or NFC chip implant, or try the new VivoKey cryptobionic secure implant!

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Which chip should you get?

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Dangerous Things Forum – 18 Feb 20

Which chip should I get?

The most common question we get these days is which chip should I get? Dangerous Things has so many different chip implant products now that it can be overwhelming for someone who’s unfamiliar with RFID or NFC technology. Before I start running down…

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Everyone wants a payment implant

For more information on payment implants, check out;

Dangerous Things Forum – 26 May 17

Making payments with an implant

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN USING A PAYMENT IMPLANT, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE! TL;DR - the only real legit way to make EMV contactless payment work is to comply with EMV requirements and bring all the players to the table. This is actively…

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Cyborgs employed by the US government

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pog indeed


I am the terror that flaps in the night.





Let’s get dangerous (things)


Can I PM you around the end of summer about oyster cloning?

Of course!

Can I PM you around the end of summer about oyster cloning?

I bet there’s more long-term planning and connection like this on this forum than other parts of the internet and I bet that means something

indeed there is. It’s quite a neat packed community.

I’ve tried some cheaper ones with mixed results. They are a cool technology, but also a matter of always putting on headphones or equivalent. A lot of people are in much worse condition than I am, I am fairly certain we have at least one person here with cochlear implants, but the future potential that implants like that promise can help a lot of people.

When I was in school, programmable calculators were just starting to be a thing and we could store entire notes in a program file.

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Hell, when I took the SAT, I didn’t need to prove that I had wiped my calculator. In fact, I didn’t need to prove it for any test save one (and the way they had us wipe them didn’t wipe anything I had sideloaded in from my computer). I never took advantage of the fact, of course, but found the possibility funny nonetheless.

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