The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

In work specifically for the reasons above we use DD-MMM-YYYY


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I think I’ve said it before, that’s the best way to write dates, especially in filenames, because it’s sortable.

Not really because today is 2021-06-05!


To be honest, at work if I want to make sure someone knows what date I mean I use long form…

6th May 2021

For naming purposes I use YYYYMMDD

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To me the YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD format is always used for filenames and anything else I can. Same with any metric units. SAE and whatever other weird and outdated standards that are used here in the US are ready to be outmoded. Hell, the space industry uses metric and I really like space stuff :smiley:

The only time I say dates in a format other than ymd is if I’m discussing plans with people. Like getting the cat spayed on the 12th of this month.


To start a new derail, I might have sent a message in the Discord without thinking about how it sounded :rofl::


This was in reference to methods of installing an xLED and a NExT next to one another. So, has anyone heard of two implants being installed in P0 using the same insertion site? I’d love to know


Oh hell… things come to my mind, not really related to microchippy implants… without any context, that’s really a gem! :rofl:

And I’m totally sorry for jumping in here and derail the derail again, but I just have to show it - my Austrian package arrived!

…and those are the incredible pralines, selected all by myself :wink:


OOOH, i just saw the Frequent Posters thing.

Its always awesome to discover some new stuff here! <3


New in terms of not discovered by me

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(thanks for pointing that out though haha, I hadn’t seen it either)



Looks very elegant, I could see myself blacking out only to wake up next to a bunch of empty wrappers :joy:

I haven’t been up that way in a long time.
Also, I should post more frequently I suppose.

I almost exclusively write dates as dd mmm (or %d %b for our python friends) so “6 May”, Not using a digit for the month eliminates ambiguity. files are always saved yyyymmdd though for sorting purposes.

Side-note, wife is a book-keeper and the fact that Canada hasn’t standardized on one or the other makes reading/entering receipts for her clients utter hell. She has literally memorized which companies use which. “Ok… 4/5/21… it’s a Home Depot receipt so that means it’s May. Next. 1/4/21… it’s from Windsor Plywood… so that would be January…” That has got to be frustrating.


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Tomorrow, after we’re all hooked, Coma announces her new Zotter delivery service, wherein she orders off the cheaper and better selection of the EU site and ships for SLIGHTLY less than the US site.

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I try to keep up all my discipline to avoid “trying” all of them out at once… especially since there are some new things I didn’t know yet. :drooling_face:

I kinda like the idea :smile:
But nah, shipping stuff and keeping track of all the payments and such… I might be a bit too chaotic for such a job :wink:

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That sounds like a business opportunity

You already have the correct business model

“Don’t get high on your own supply”

CHOCOLATE COMA :chocolate_bar:




Hmmm, a cyborg that blacks out after overindulging in Theobromos. I seem to remember reading about them in the company series by Kage Baker. :thinking:


I wouldn’t even know it happened.

You mentioned The Company series by Kage Baker so I looked it up. Looks like a really good series.

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I really enjoyed them. I’m currently rereading the graveyard game.

A lot of posts about the xg3 today… weird