The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Including these two.


Pretty annoyed… been waiting 3 months for my nice gaming laptop… back ordered and delayed

Chip shortage, sure fine…w/e just send it when you get it

Now they cancel my order and I can’t jump into any of the other orders… if they are even still ongoing


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Flex needle install thought/question

Getting the big ass needle started is half the work

Could you insert a much smaller, but easier to insert needle to create an initial opening in the skin, and then use the flex needle to simply open it wider?

3 words for you
Lube, Lube, Lube


It is like night and day…

Lube has been used on ALL insertions, (and installs)

But the big needle didn’t want to pierce without a shocking amount of force
The lube just made it move like a hot knife once it was thru the first layer

I say without pun intended, maybe my skins just tougher or something? Human body varies from one to another


So no Dark Mode on your Device? :smiley:

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Apparently, I am a lunatic…

Funny, It really doesn’t bother me at all, neither light mode OR being a Lunatic :crazy_face:


I guess I must be a lunatic then… Dark mode is for pretending you are using an old VT220. :computer:

A thought occurred to me,
A semi easier way to get enrolled into Hf systems

Get ahold of one of the iso magic cards, duplicate your implants uid on it, and have THAT card enrolled

You could probably add some subterfuge if desired by mimicking your original work badge, and claiming “it’s not working”

Give look alike to security, they “re-enroll” it


I was just thinking about that last week but with LF.

I’m currently down to 2 everyday badges, and one happens to be a t5577 mimicking the HID protocol that the other is on.

I’m just not sure THEY are smart enough to simply re-enroll it. Part of me feels like they would go out of their way and take the most indirect route to just assigning me a whole different badge altogether.

But I’ll probably try it anyway


We miss you @anon3825968



She is cute, and looks happy

Of course…
(I would call her a dove)

And I posted this here because

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Of course…

She’s the bird that got me into rescue in the first place. I found her and her brother in an abandoned nest in new years 2018. Raised her and her brother, he eventually flew away, but she just kind of stayed with me. She’s flown away a few times but always comes back. She’s bonded to me now. Honestly never thought I’d have a dove as a pet but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(I would call her a dove)

Ahh sorry, I’ve gotten that a few times. I think I do it because my home language doesn’t make any distinction between doves and pigeons (and biologically afaik there’s no distinction, I think it’s purely linguistic, which is kind of cool)

No need, It was just what I would call her

Yeah I think so too, also for me, I would use my own arbitrary size scale ( adult )
smaller = Dove
Larger = Pigeon

if you so choose you can replicate your pigeons FDXB microchip with your NExT implant

Now that you mention it. That is one of the things I want to do for fun once I have it. I probably wont keep it since space is at a premium. But I’d love to do it

Oh we’re following thread rules now :roll_eyes: lol

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my thoughts exactly :racehorse: