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So apparently I was able to get a slightly nicer version of the laptop I wanted, for somehow a better price

It’s an Asus scar 15 2021 version

Interestingly it’s got this thing called a key stone
A little thing that pops in and out as a security token
Shadow encrypted drive and stuff

I figured whatever it’s like a built in yubikey

Except in a single review someone mentioned that it’s a nfc token

Me… well hello possibilities


I can’t wait till you get it to tell us more :slight_smile:


From the Asus website



I just binged watched the Second volume

I wasn’t disappointed. There are some very talented people involved in the making of these.

“an eight-episode third season scheduled for release in 2022.”



Anyone else heard of the Framework laptop?

Saw it on this Tested video

They’ve apparently finished their last pre-production prototypes, and batch one is supposed to be shipping in July.

The concept is really neat, it’s a fully repairable and modular laptop, designed to be taken apart. RAM, storage, and wifi are all socketed, and the battery, keyboard, and trackpad are supposed to be easily replaced.

With the DIY version you can choose no OS too, so you can throw on whatever linux distro, and you don’t have to pay for a windows license.

The coolest bit IMO is the 4 IO ports on the sides. They’re all replaceable cartridges, utilizing USB-C. So, the type-C cartridge is just a passthrough, and everything else uses various converters in the cartridge. HDMI, micro-SD, USB type-A, and storage is all supposed to be available at launch. It can charge from any of the 4 ports as well, they’re all identical in functionality.

The biggest thing is, they’re launching a marketplace, where anyone can sell third-party modules (they’re releasing reference designs for the cartridges, to allow 3D printing of new designs). It had me thinking, what if you made a module, containing something similar to the WAVE ID Nano that’s been posted about? Having a keyboard wedge or similar reader as a simple module, flush to the rest of the laptop. It’d be a really neat solution to mobile implant authentication, and as long as you could adapt it to type-C in a small form factor, you could use whatever you wanted.

Don’t mean for this to sound like an ad, but it’s an extremely exciting concept for me, and the prices are pretty good for the specs they’re providing. I hate pre-ordering, but it doesn’t seem far off, just 2-3 months. If only Amal hadn’t announced that xSIID sale, funds might be easier to come by :wink:

EDIT: Deposit placed on the i5 model, supposed to ship in August. Time to offload some of my retro PC collection I guess, gotta pay for hardware and implants somehow. Anyone in the market for some 286 machines? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk


Tell me they’re 286DX and yes… :rofl:

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I had me a good day at the auction.

Picked up a 9x20 Enco lathe with all the trimmings, practically brand new. I’m already thinking of slapping a DRO on it.

Got a Sentry brand safe. Maybe 2ft x 2ft x 2ft. No combination. Just spent a glorious evening learning how to manipulate my way in. It was empty except for a cup of stale potpourri, but who cares. It was really fun.

And I got this baby for my collection of stuff that I think is cool.


me too, I think that looks cool as fuck, and it will look good with your flask



We have an antique medical supplies store in town. This is a bad idea for my wallet.

Need a Leech jar? An old surgeon’s kit? A selection of old medicine bottles/containers?..

Add to that the specialist rock shops and the store with dinosaur fossils, and it is a miracle I have any money.

The medical supply store is north by northwest books.


You guys gotta stop this!!
First the magnets, then the Tee, then I find taxidermies on that website…
If it goes like this I’ll eat macaroni whole year and blow my money on important things as such mentioned above :sob:


Good morning all from NC!

This is my first post here. I’ve been reading any lurking for a while.

I got my first implant yesterday. I had a xG3 V2 installed in my lefthand knife edge. I was surprised how painless my experience was. No numbing or anything before hand and not even ibuprofen since.

Just ordered 3 xSIID chips one of each red, white, and blue.

I’m excited to continue on.


Whoa, all in :slight_smile:


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I don’t know if anybody has done a
“Patriotic Install”

And I’m very surprised…


@ShaakPsi has an example of something similar (traffic light colours) :vertical_traffic_light: which looks awesome

also the video demonstration

Have you thought of a location for placement yet?

@JPlowman I’m looking forward to seeing yours when you have installed.
Don’t forget to check out and share yours in here

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Thank y’all for the welcome and the suggested reading. I had read most of that information prior to my magnet install. I’m very happy with it, and it’s healing nicely. This evening will be 48 hours, and the swelling is almost completely gone.

For my next plans with the 3 xSIIDs, I am not planning on placing them together like the above stop light. Although that is a great idea. I am currently planning on putting one in each hand at the number 2 location referenced on the Implant Sutra thread. The third I’m considering what has been referred in the Implant Sutra thread as…

The Nether Regions:


I believe from what I’ve read having a xSIID at location 2 and and a future NExT or equivalent in location 0 would not interfere. I definitely still have much to learn. Everything I’ve read about the Proxmark 3, cloning, and such is like a foreign language to me. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge compiled here. Y’all rock!


Ah damn I missed a few days… hopefully in the beginning :slight_smile:

I can tell you, that you have visited 357 days in the last 365 days
You have done 357 days in the last…since you joined
So according to the Forum, it looks like you haven’t missed any days…

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