The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I thought about doing a kilogram conversion, but decided it would be a fun little puzzle to unravel for half of the forum :wink:

For the brits in here, I should have thrown in a stone conversion.


6:30am here for me, I just read that and I literally started to salivate…

Mmmmmm, breakfast chocolate :tongue:

I LOL’d pretty hard at this


You obviously don’t live in a glass house


I didn’t judge you here, I was just envious

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[ insert freedom unit joke about getting your FIRST jab in May and your SECOND in March ]
You guys are sooo weird…and stubborn


Why can’t we all just use ISO 8601 :frowning:

YYYY-MM-DD makes logical sense, plus it makes sorting by timestamp an absolute breeze.


For you, I guess the Shanghai webshop of Zotter might be a good starting point :wink:
Sadly, they have even less flavours than the US shop…
No idea if they would ship from Austria to NZ…^^

To be honest, that date-thing is completely not understandable for me… I mean, day / month / year is okay. Turning it around, year / month / day, makes sense as well. But that format? I just don’t get it, and I’m always confused by it…

edit: hey Pilgrim, if you edit my posts, at least do so without spelling mistakes! :stuck_out_tongue:

You think it’s bad, you should try living here after cough cough years in the UK. I am still confused by dates and building floor numbers.

As for vaccines, why are you all so slow.

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Haha, I thought I was editing my own :rofl:


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Yeah, that’s the thing with high ranks here - with great power comes great possibilities to mess stuff up :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I don’t know what’s the problem with ordering a mere 1.6kg of wonderful chocolate… I mean, I had to get to the free-shipping-point, you know? :innocent:

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I was just going to say the same thing

Controversial post

I think it makes sense if you think about it

When someone tells me something is happening and gives me a date, the first thing you try to figure out is how soon it is in a general sense

Telling you it’s happening on the 27th doesn’t tell you if it’s a few days away or 8 months away

So you get month first to know general context, then the specific date

It’s usually assumed to be the same year, so that’s saved for the end as either a confirmation or a unique modifier

I think it comes more from the way people say dates…

Do you say “December 12th” or “12th of December”? The former seems more common in the US and the latter in the UK. Of course the reverse could be just as true…

Agreed it’s a regional thing

But think of it like this

If I say the apex is coming out the 17th of …

The first bit of information does nothing until you receive the second

If I say the rent is due august ____
You are already providing context for what follows

I agree, but the nice thing about the year at the beginning though is it removes ambiguity, especially online. With DD-MM-YYYY and MM-DD-YYYY both existing, you don’t immediately know which is which in a lot of cases. 04-06-2021, for example. Is it April or June?

Since YYYY-DD-MM isn’t a thing, having the year at the beginning automatically tells you the exact format it’s going to be in, removing ambiguity.

i often name certain files like this… 2021.05.04 is the May 4th, 2021…

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You appear to have a fencepost error somewhere. :rofl:

you sure about that?


What was it Arthur C Clarke said? Any sufficiently advanced editing is indistinguishable from Magic? Something like that.


I believe it was foundation series… and I heard it was being made in live action like years ago… wonder if it will ever get done.

I talked about it above, but YYYY-MM-DD is sweet sweet ISO 8601.

My favorite date format.

YYYY-DD-MM doesn’t really exist, though, afaik.

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I am going to start using that now just so that you are wrong.