The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Yes! This is very true. I was focussing purely on the learning aspects but there are a bunch of other, relevant, things. Given most people at University tend to be younger there is a lot of personal growth that happens as well.

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a lot of different flavours of juice all in one soggy, soggy vessle

This is exactly the only reason I’m at college. Basically to make friends. Classes and stuff? A nice bonus. Here in the US I’m just lucky I can afford it :hot_face:



Are you feeling it?



I’m a bit envious that several here are already vaccinated… still waiting, Germany is fucking slow in getting that stuff organized…

But I have one of those stupid corona-denial-conspiracy-theorists at work, and I already look forward to showing her my vaccination certificate as well as my (slighty visible) xSIID:smiling_imp:


hehehe, Just to push her over the edge, you should do what @Eriequiet did


That’s a nice, little, evil idea…
It might lead to one more colleague being slightly scared by me, but that’s a risk I can take :smile:

by the way, I ordered some chocolate in Austria yesterday (best chocolate on earth), and I just love how their postal service makes sure you know exactly what to expect:

zotter paket


Hmm, turns out they have a US distribution site. I wonder if it’s the same quality/products…

Might have to make a purchase.

Any flavor recommendations? The raspberry is tempting me haha

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That’s pretty awesome!

Siimilar to here in the states, our postal service makes sure you know exactly what to expect as well.



I’m pretty sure it is - they are all produced in Austria, and then either shipped directly or delivered to the two “official” outposts in the US and China, so it’s very likely the same chocolate (though it’s a bit more pricey in the US - about double as expensive as here^^)

It really depends on what you like, but the fruity types are really amazing (especially in comparison to other brands, because they taste like real fruit and not just like flavoured sugar^^), so I guess you make no mistake when choosing raspberry^^ Personally, I like the caramelly or nougat-y ones very much, and my alltime-favourite is the “Stress Stopper” with caramelized blue poppyseed. It’s a shame the more “experimental” flavours are not available in the US, otherwise I would recommend the “Cola & Popcorn”, just because it tastes a lot better than one would expect^^
The drinking chocolates are fine as well, and it’s sooo sad the pralines are not in the US shop as well - those are incredible.

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That’s sad that they don’t have the Cola and Popcorn here. Ever since I heard about Scho-Ka-Kola, I’ve really wanted to try Cola flavored chocolate. Never found it here, except on Amazon for insane prices.

Any experience with their coffee flavors? I usually love coffee flavored chocolate, curious to see what theirs is like. Friday is my last day of classes til August, so I’m considering picking up a few bars to “celebrate” (one of the worst semesters ever though tbh). I’ve been doing some extreme weight loss recently too (down 15 pounds in the last 1.5 weeks, for a total of 52 pounds since I started). These would be a nice reward for when I reach my goals :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

They’ve got a 4 bar “Discovery Pack” that looks intriguing too…

So far I’m thinking Raspberry, strawberry (since you recommended fruity ones), and one of the coffee ones. There’s so much variety :sweat_smile:

I’m not 100% sure, but as far as I know the Scho-Ka-Kola contains cola nuts, but it doesn’t really taste like coke (but has lots of caffein^^), so better not spend too much on that on amazon :wink:
The one from Zotter has slightly caramelized popcorn and a white cola ganache, all covered by milk chocolate - I couldn’t imagine what that should taste like, so I managed to order some for the shop I work in (I’m responsible for our chocolate product range :star_struck: ), and immediately tried one, and it was really interesting. Not my favourite chocolate, but a very exciting experience :wink:

I’m not that much into coffee, so I might be the wrong person to ask, but I tried out the “Coffee Toffee” once, and it was really good - though a bit hard to eat, for the toffee was quite soft and creamy. Our customers always liked the “Espresso Macchiato”, might be interesting for you, too :wink:

A fine reason for good chocolate!

Keep it healthy, and keep loving yourself :wink:

Be happy that you don’t live in Europe - on their european site, they have more than 500 different products… I’m always a bit indecisive when ordering there, and I always end up ordering quite a bit more than I planned…^^
So I might end up like


Have received both of my Moderna jabs.

Guess I’ll have to wait until after the divorce settlement to see whether Bill or Melinda get custody of my control chips. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I’ll join in on the fun :slight_smile: got my second one 13 days ago, should be all kicked in right about now.



[ insert losing UK currency £££ joke here, followed by confused :grimacing: measurement joke here :balance_scale: ]

Then actually use maths to convert “freedom units” to something sensible
2.2lbs to 1kg = :thinking:
15lbs nearly 7kg…in 1.5 weeks

52lbs over 20kgs