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I don’t know if anybody has done a
“Patriotic Install”

And I’m very surprised…


@ShaakPsi has an example of something similar (traffic light colours) :vertical_traffic_light: which looks awesome

also the video demonstration

Have you thought of a location for placement yet?

@JPlowman I’m looking forward to seeing yours when you have installed.
Don’t forget to check out and share yours in here

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Thank y’all for the welcome and the suggested reading. I had read most of that information prior to my magnet install. I’m very happy with it, and it’s healing nicely. This evening will be 48 hours, and the swelling is almost completely gone.

For my next plans with the 3 xSIIDs, I am not planning on placing them together like the above stop light. Although that is a great idea. I am currently planning on putting one in each hand at the number 2 location referenced on the Implant Sutra thread. The third I’m considering what has been referred in the Implant Sutra thread as…

The Nether Regions:


I believe from what I’ve read having a xSIID at location 2 and and a future NExT or equivalent in location 0 would not interfere. I definitely still have much to learn. Everything I’ve read about the Proxmark 3, cloning, and such is like a foreign language to me. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge compiled here. Y’all rock!


Ah damn I missed a few days… hopefully in the beginning :slight_smile:

I can tell you, that you have visited 357 days in the last 365 days
You have done 357 days in the last…since you joined
So according to the Forum, it looks like you haven’t missed any days…

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But I joined 365 days ago and only habe 357

I was just going off the user stats.

this is your
ALL TIME VISITS (Since joining)

this is your
IN THE LAST 365 DAYS VISITS (As at today)

The Forum seems to count unusually, and you are more likely to be correct…so again :man_shrugging:

“magnets have been reported to last on average five years implanted into finger extremities before body heat reduces the effectiveness of the implant”

Anyone interested in fixing the magnet implant wikipedia page? I’m pretty sure this is a mistake, the article they linked describes something that sounds more like a coating failure.

Or is this real? Will my titan die in 5 years from body heat?!

Man I’m in love with vacuum tube tech. There’s just something special about it. One of my long time projects that’s shelved is to make an x-ray machine (that I wouldn’t use for any body parts I should point out) since you can order the x-ray tubes on eBay without any real hassle (last I checked)

But it’s one of those projects where I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to it

Hmmmm I’m not sure myself but it doesn’t sound right. They will weaken over time at elevated temp, but at body temp over 5 years (which is pretty short all things considered)? Idk about that. Generally the curie point for most magnetic materials is >100°C (that’s a huge generalization and there are probably exceptions I’m sure but just for broad statements sake I’ll say it’s fine in this context).

This is a cover for the fact that silicone magnets fail over time due to corrosion. Temperatures in the extremities are even lower than say, the mouth, where dental magnetic denture implants last a lifetime.


Like this?

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I probably wouldn’t get that since too much risk. I was more thinking the ones from the 50’s 60’s 70’s. But my God that’s an awesome piece

The Curie Temperature for neodymium magnets (the point at which a magnet loses its magnetic properties) is around 310–400 degrees celcius/590–752 farenheit per the wikipedia. Methinks if your body ever gets that hot, you have other more important problems to worry about :slight_smile:


Sorta… curie point is odd for magnets because it is a calculated value based on shape and mass of the magnet… smaller mags tend to have lower CPs… but yeah it’s still way way above what even a feverish body temp could ever get to.

Magnets do also lose strength due to heat well before their CP though too. They do recover once the temperature comes down with only a very small amount of loss (<1% typically) but even still the temperature required to even notice this temporary loss of strength is still quite high… well above core body temp.

Oh boy. It also bit you. I ordered 2 NExT’s a while back and an xG3 and before they’re even installed I ordered 2 xsiid’s God my wallet hates me.

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But I’m sure Amal loves you :heart:

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The nether regions

A real tap and pay ;^)

Have fun with your xSIIDs. I don’t do much LF stuff, so my xSIID is by far my favorite implant. Blinkies :heart: