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I want a “vaxxed & chipped” shirt.


I like the idea…
I have to drive by bus regularly, and I was always a bit surprised when people backed away from cute doggies there… and then I realized that everytime someone decides to place their child next to me in the bus, I react in pretty much the same way :smile:
One day, I guess I’d say in a perfectly polite voice “could you please take your child away, my dog is afraid of children”. Still missing a dog for that, but…^^


that only makes the sentence that more efficient!! :rofl:

similar to looking at your naked wrist before stating: “Sorry, I’m getting late now. bye”

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@JennyMcLane has one

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Does anyone remember when one of the forum members took a really detailed picture of the back of the chip in their contact interface credit card? The card was transparent and you could see all the gold wire bonds. If you find it, let me know, I’m having no luck.



I had a good lol when I saw this

Any bets on what kind of magnet implant he has?

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I see no incision scar and what looks like possibly an xSeries type scar so honestly I’m betting xG3 or V2
(Nvm I see it now)

really? I see nothing but a horrendous scar


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This is about as off-topic as it gets on this forum, but I need some advice, and given the wide geographic spread on this forum, thought some people might be able to help.

Amtrak has a deal right now for $300 for 10 segments of travel in the US within a month. That’s a really good deal, given that I can get nearly anywhere in the country in ~2-3 segments thanks to living 1 segment from Chicago. I purchased the pass tonight, and I plan on leaving next week or so.

I’ve never seen most of the country (haven’t been further west than Missouri in my entire life), so I plan in staying in youth hostels while going across most of the west coast. I haven’t traveled much alone either, so this is going to be quite an experience.

Here’s where the advice comes in: So far I plan on hitting up Chicago (first connection for any route from Indy), LA, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. For those that live in these cities (I’m looking at you amal :wink:), any good recommendations for attractions to visit? Museums of all types, niche stores, tourist traps, monuments, etc. The weirder and more obscure the better.

Also open for suggestions for another stop near any of the others (thinking about adding one in Flagstaff, to go see the Grand Canyon). It looks like I’ll have an excess of segments, so anywhere in the southwest or west coast is an option, for the most part.

I figure given the shared interests on this forum, I might be able to get some more interesting recommendations than I could find on sites like TripAdvisor.


You could stick a piece of gum to The Gum Wall in Seattle as well as walk around Pike Place Market! (You might see some flying fish!)


Redwood forests?
A.K.A the Moon of Endor.

I don’t know personally, cause I’m stuck in the middle-ish of the continent.

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I was planning on that actually! Pike place is one of the only places I had down as a for-sure visit in Seattle, it looks really neat from everything I’ve seen…

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As far as I remember the redwoods in California are a total depression trip. They are about 20 ft deep alongside the road, but you can see very easily that beyond that it’s all clear cut. I’ve driven down the 101 highway from Washington to California many times and it always bums me out driving through these decimated forests.

We moved to the San Francisco Bay Area a few years ago. I’d recommend seeing Paxton Gate and the pirate store next door. Those are in the Mission district, if you wander around there there’s a lot of great street art too. If you head up to Pier 39 you’ll find more touristy stuff like shops, restaurants, etc. Cool things to see are Alcatraz, the Aquarium of the Bay, wild sea lions, and Musée Méchanique. If you’re willing to venture farther outside of SF you can head to San Jose and visit the Winchester house, drive along Rt. 1 on the coast, head up to Muir Woods and see the redwoods.

And if you’d like to grab drinks or something I’d be down for that.


Do your segments have to be contiguous? Like, could you train into a city and then go on a road trip and then train to another city?

Yeah, the 101’s not the best place to see them. There are still really great redwoods around here.

Paxton Gate looks just like what I was hoping for :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Looks adequately weird haha

Thanks for all of the recommendations, I’ll definitely check them out! I completely forgot about Alcatraz, hopefully tours aren’t super expensive and/or filled up.

Man, I hadn’t heard anyone mention the Winchester house in a long time. It was always a dream of mine as a young kid to see it in-person. If I can find a good way to get there (not sure of Amtrak along that are), I’ll definitely check that out too.

Sadly I’m roughly 6 months too young to drink drink (thanks USA…), but if you’re down to grab coffee or something (lunch maybe), that’d be cool :smiley:

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Nope, segments don’t have to be continuous at all. A segment is just defined as staying on one train for any length of time, so Chicago->Sacramento is a single segment, since there’s a train that runs directly. Any transfer adds another segment.

I could even in-theory use the segments on another trip entirely, if within the 30 days. The 30 days doesn’t start until my first departure.

Sadly, since I’m 20, not a lot of places are willing to rent me a car (apparently Hertz does though, so there’s some options left there).

You can take the Caltrain and an Uber. The Winchester house is about a 10 minute drive from the nearest Caltrain station. If you want to see Alcatraz you should look into tickets soon. They tend to sell out early.

Coffee or lunch would be great! Just let me know what your schedule is.

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