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creepy and kinda cool at the same time. I’ll bet they’re using one of the ISM bands. We could check it with an SDR…

They apparently are licensed to use 2.409-2.471 GHz.

This link has a ton of info related to their license application, specifically for the “Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin”. For obvious reasons the entire linkimals line has the same licensed range.

EDIT: Some of the testing photos almost seem a bit sinister…



When I was a kid it was a big deal if a toy talked to me let alone talking to each other! Who else remembers Teddy Ruxpin?


Yea that shits creepy af

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Giving your affected customers a 15% discount to help offset the cost of a new VAT (that in no way is the fault of the company)?!?!


Seriously. DT is so amazing, and one of the most devoted companies I’ve ever seen to its community. I’m not affected by the new VAT, but this is still absolutely awesome.




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So I’ve never had a passport and never traveled out of the U.S., but I thought I’d check it out and see. Looks like a one way ticket leaving Dallas/Fort Worth to Iceland is about 1300, one way. So assume 2600 dollars round trip.

Unless I’m looking at way overhyped ticket costs, I’m afraid that’d price me out of going.

Unfortunately travel does not follow any logical mathematical factor.
Otherwise your assumption would be correct.

Yet… Most often than not a round trip costs less than a single ticket.

Example from one of my recent searches, right before covid struck:

  • Direct Flight from London to Sao Paulo, single: £1200

  • Direct Flight from London to Sao Paulo, round trip: £890

  • Flight from Manchester to London, and then take the exact same flight from London to Sao Paulo (same flight number, same time, same day), round trip, both journeys combined: £680

  • Flight from Manchester to Paris, Paris to London, then take the exact same flight from London to Sao Paulo (same flight number, same time, same day), round trip, all three journeys combined: £420

ps: by “round trip” I meant the cost of going and returning, already added together!

Where on earth that makes any sense?


Supposedly, you IP reported location also drastically effects the price,

People have looked at the same tickets using a vpn to bounce their exit point, and ticket prices have wildly changed,

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It’s about a 28 hour trip for me coming from the West Coast of the US and being a real-life fairy-tale giant I need to get an upgraded seat which comes out to just over $2K USD round trip. I think I’ll have to pass on that one.

Icelandair, DFW to REK, round trip using “Economy Select” is about $1,200. Based on being there for about a week at the end of July/start of August this year. Some flights were twice the price, but if you are at all flexible…

Could it be the date you picked maybe? I pulled March 4th (friday) to March 6th (sunday) out of my butt, and from Seattle via Iceland Air’s website is “cheap”… round tripe is $749.22



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From denmark can travel via ship.

that could work…


picturing this…




You just have to get from Seyðisfjörður to Reykjavík somehow - not such a big distance, but depending on the weather, it can get difficult. At least if Amal is aiming for a winter visit to watch northern lights :wink: In summer, it should be no problem.
(yeah, since I was planning to travel the whole ring road once around the island, I read a lot about road conditions, and it seriously scared me a bit - ever heard of glacier bursts? :grimacing: :smile:)

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I noticed the ship passes really close to Fair Isle (about halfway between Shetland and Orkney). I wonder how easy it would be to board there. :slight_smile:

id be thare :smiley: just looked at ticket price and that aint to bad so i wil be thare when it wil happen :smiley:

its about 250 euro round trip for 2 persons

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that is true.
So does your cookies.

If you search the same destination a few times within a week you’ll see the price going up.
Redo the same search from another computer, on another network,… and You’ll see a better price.

Another thing that also happens is…
Too many people searching the same flights within a short period can drive the price up.