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They’re another implant-related company. They designed and produce the actual modules used inside of the xSIID, although AFAIK the xSIID is still sealed by DT.

(Also it’s technically Dsruptive)

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Yes they make the module, yes dt seal the xsiid but I believe they are working with someone else on other things I.e. the nfc thermometer.

And yes my spelling is awful.

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A pity that isn’t on the DT Channel…

Unfortunately, that’s the minimum shipping cost to Australia unless you spend over $150 USD (another Aussie here). Since I think it it was the NTAG rings that you were looking at, if you’re willing to wait quite a while Aliexpress is not a bad source, with really low prices and cheapish (though could still be as much as the ring :rofl:) shipping - e.g. Fashion Men's Ring Magic Wear NFC Smart Ring Finger Digital Ring for Android phones with functional couple stainless steel ring|Rings| - AliExpress.

I hope after having some fun with a ring you’ll join us as an implantee :slight_smile: - it shouldn’t be too hard to reach the $150 free shipping threshold then considering spending over $94 but under $150 on products + the shipping cost is no better than spending $150 with said free shipping. There’s always merch, accessories, other lower cost implants like the xLED etc.

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There seems to be a good size amount of people from AUS or NZL on here. Someone needs to start up a DT reseller so they can sell locally.


I am in, lets talk…

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of course i will, the US$56 for a 50grams ring is ridiculous, i just checked the US POstal service site and they quote US$15… sure i can go to allie express and wish and all the others, but i would rather support DT. International Shipping Rates with a Membership | MyUS

There used to be one IIRC, called ChipMyLife I believe


yeah … used to be :confused: the guy is a bit of an a$$hole and basically insulted every installation partner in Australia and then didn’t want to continue trying to resolve the problem… gave me the one finger salute and that was that.


This could probably go in some thread somewhere but it’s just a spitball so do with it you will

I’m so torn on apex

I actually have a decent location left in my arm that would be convenient for phone scanning

But I’m leery of dropping $200+ on something that I’m not sure I will knowhow the F to program or use. but I also don’t want to give up on it

Can DT or friends do a “java apps, and associated apex stuff for dummies” before launch?

not a knock against DT, but I kinda burned myself with the spark 2, figured I could figure out how to use it for logins and password management, but that never materialized… but for the price I paid for it in a bundle it was w/e… but the apex will be a different animal


It’s going to be interesting trying to get the full list and relevant set up instructions before launch… But presumably you would like a wiki/how to breakdown for at least some of the apps available, and how to configure and use them with different operating systems.

Kind of a:

Appname - brief functionality

Longer description

Windows 10 Configuration:

Windows 10 Usage

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But also a, “let’s pretend I’m not a programmer, but I’d like to have a clue what the hell I’m doing, without having to become a programmer first”


This page contains a list of applets, so far there are two available.

Vivokey OTP generator - Generate One Time Passwords for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). You need the Vivokey Application to configure and use this functionality, but this is equivalent to Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator,… But requires your chip to also be available.

I won’t be able to provide any set up instructions until I upgrade my phone, and presumably have access to an Apex as well. I have set up 2FA for my Linux box using a yubikey, but I don’t have a Windows box or a Mac at the moment.

The other currently available applet for the Vivokey is an NDEF application which allows your apex to pretend to be an NFC chip with NDEF data on it. This can then be scanned (or written to) by any NFC NDEF application. I don’t think there is any special set up needed.

Does this seem like a good start?

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Gotcha ok… we do have a lot of work to do still. I can say that we are working on some updated applets and some applications… more news coming soon.


Is there any way to use Vivokey without the android applet? I have a phone that is not capable of NFC, but I have a reader I could connect to a PC. If not I guess I just need to upgrade my phone…

I too am interested in this.

Not a fan of the whole phone / Android ecosystem at all.

Open-source Linux stuff would be ideal for me. Or at least some basic framework that I can apply my old-timey programming skills to to expand on it.

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not at the moment… but in theory there are APIs that could be used to create a desktop client… in theory.


Are they documented? Or do I need to read through all of the Vivokey code in GitHub and work out which APIs are available?