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Isn’t marijuana legal in some states but illegal federally.

If that is correct, that is some serious mixed messages.


Yup! It’s fucking weird. It’s one of the few things where the federal government has outlawed something and the states are like, “pffft. naw.”

It’s really supposed to be the other way where the federal government is more permissive and states can restrict things.


Legal for recreational purposes in 18 states, medicinally in 36 states… Technically though you commit a federal crime if you go to Washington, buy some cannabis and take it over the state border to Oregon. Even though it is legal for recreational purposes in both states.

It is messy.


unless somebody has a good iOS reccomendation option for you…

I use Timbre on Android, is is quite a handy and very simple to use tool, I just had a look and it doesn’t look like there is iOS version.
If you want to DM me ( Or dropbox link etc ) the .mov files, it is as simple as opening the file on timbre choosing the file format I want to save it as, press go and its done


Timbre makes use of the popular FFmpeg library, the industrial standard of audio and video editing. Using FFmpeg codecs allows Timbre to support a wide variety of media types and not only that, the FFmpeg plugin is super fast and high quality. And guess what? There’s a raw FFmpeg console built right into the app so that you can edit and fine tune the quality of all your songs and videos!

Supported video formats: mp4, avi, flv, mov, webm, mkv, mpeg

Little side note, of something I found out only a few years ago, when I had a player that did not like .mkv files, BUTIf you simply change the extension to .mp4 it works…you little fucken ripper :+1:

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Is this you @Satur9

Tis not @Satur9 in the video, I believe it was filming this.

That is my channel, but it was a friend getting the removal. There’s not many removal videos so I thought it could be helpful. I had another tragus magnet removed in the same session, but it wasn’t such a photo-friendly position as this one.

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How did the Tragus feel?
any PMK?
could you hear it happening?
how did it feel afterwards?
Are you considering a Titan in the same place?

Oh and yeah, good share with the extraction, compliments the written “guide” nicely

First I had an xG3 v1 in my tragus. Then I got it removed and replaced with a small double magnet from Cassox. I just had that removed and replaced with an xG3 v2. My friend just got a tiny magnet installed up on his tragus, so that we can test both ends extreme ends of the tragus magnet spectrum for sound transmission.

  • It wasn’t painful during or now 18hrs later, even though I have two stitches
  • I was put on ice
  • Both my friend and I could hear the scraping and the tugging from the removal/installs. Very odd with no sensation
  • I wouldn’t waste a titan on the ear. I have one in my finger and that’s good enough for me. Honestly I had given up on tragus hearing because I could never get more than a few cm range, but my friend convinced me to give it one last shot, for science

Yeah, agreed on the technique. My installer and I learned a lot from my xNT Removal

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Is anyone else getting 403’s when trying to edit their own posts shortly after posting?
I went add a link on a post (which I only remembered right after posting) and the server kept blocking me.


And for that, we Salute you!

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Yep, not the most fun thing.
Although sometimes I get a 500 error that I can edit You just have to accept the error 3 times and it updates the edit

One cause I found was possibly Web Application Firewall.

I think it maybe an @Amal or @fraggersparks fix on the server side…
I will see if I can find any causes within Discourse

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Speaking of which, every time I edit a post with anything that’s not plain text in it (picture, video, code as preformatted text), I get a 500 error. The edit is accepted though: I simply reload the page and it’s there. But it’s strange. It’s been going on for a few weeks.

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So apparently that moving 9x led micro strip managed to get turned into a functioning implant, just saw the guy post about it on fb


Do you mean @PaulT ?

Link??? Screenshots? I really want to see this thing :eyes:

To be honest I’m somewhat confused actually… I was talking to @PaulT talked about productizing this together but then he just disappeared. @PaulT are you around? DM me? I’d like to check quality etc. :slight_smile:


I wonder if Paul ended up going to disruptive, says its sealed in glass so :thinking:

What’s Disruptive?