My DIY LED tag....well the electronics anyway

As l like to do my own thing…NTAG chip, uC driving 9 LEDs. It is currently programmed with several flashing patterns that I can change on the fly from a phone or reader. The five pads on the right are sacrificial programming connections that’ll get cut off when I’m happy with the code. PCB size is 14mm x 2mm.


Can I call dibs on one of these? Real talk, if @Amal is okay with it.

I would buy one from you, to send to him, to be made into an implant.

Pretty basic guy here. I see blinks with little chance of me messing it up, and I want.

I’m all about appearances. Plus this one would be THE perfect one to put in my right hand on top.

Would also be super cool if you could post close up pictures.


Wasn’t really my intention to sell but could possibly do something for you if @amal wants. I’m off for a Friday beer sesh so you’ll get no sense out of me until I’ve recovered tomorrow :grin:


Take your time and have fun. :beer:


I too want the blinky!



Knight Rider implant. I like it!


It look dope, really
Imagine it connected with flexnext and you have a ring like that on it :o

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Very impressive. That’s almost small enough to fit in a 3mm glass tag. Is it a polimide flex PCB with a black coverlay? Also, is the antenna on the back a trace antenna, or a discrete component?

I assume you mean the NTAG I2C Plus, unless you got some other trick up your sleeve :wink:

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Cant be can it the i2c cant do this type of thing? Probably the ntag 5?

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I’m thinking this would be perfect for the back of a finger! Might call dibs, if I can.

These are just programmable lights, right? They can’t store any other data?

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Probably not. It’s too early in it’s life cycle, the board is too small to accommodate that footprint easily, and he bothered to add a micro. It must be the NTAG I2C Plus. @ PauIT I hope those test cards on the store helped out with your development.


Idea that just popped into my head…

Alright, so, the NExT is a chip that is a combo of xNT and xEM

Let’s say you had a flex-like implant, one for the xNT and xEM, but also containing this blinking model.

You could one in each of two fingers next to each other, and they could work just like a NExT, plus you got two fingers with a really cool glow.

Obviously this “Finger NExT” wouldn’t have nearly as much range as the FlexNExT version of the NExT, but something to think about.

I wonder if any chips at all could be converted into one of these.

@amal is this possible? :space_invader:




Let’s talk!


Once again now hesitant on buying the FlexNExT seeing how quickly new stuff comes out…

Also why I’ve decided I’ll be getting a white FlexNExT, no glow resin… as a first implant, I definitely want something that feels “neutral”, seeing how much I like to focus on aesthetic.

I would definitely fancy the possibility of having one of these Knight Riders in my finger though…

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Either way if this is reliable ill straight up buy one :slight_smile:


This is amazing! Yes @amal please make these into implants!


I’m 200% down for a BlinkT or 3. This is freaking cool! Nice one @PaulT :tada:


Ugh… that’s literally too cool to ignore
@PaulT any chance you can show how it responds with a cellphone field? I know a lot of cellphones blink rather than constant


I second this request. If I’m too get one I’d most definitely mostly be using it as a field detector for other peoples’ cellphones.

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@PaulT This is so cool! Do you have more info on parts and specs?

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