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I thought Vancouver Island was a thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Calgary maybe? It’s generally fairly cheap, has a good sized airport, and is close to beautiful locations like Banff.

Not so much.

Waaaaay in advance is usually quite expensive. Because the airlines assume that you are booking either something you really want to do, therefore you would pay a premium, or it’s the only time where you would have your holidays, therefore you would also pay a premium.

The only thing more expensive would be to book on the last minute / when the plane is almost full!

The cheapest you can book is about a couple weeks before the trip, if the plane is really empty, they give you insane discounts to fill it in! (otherwise they end up paying to fly.
The catch there is… if the plane is full, then it’ll cost a lot.


There is a sweet spot usually about 3-6 months before the date, where the companies lower the fees to try and get rid of the costs of the flight.
That’s when I tend to find the cheapest yet still plan-able flights.

Although everything I’m saying might end up in the bin considering that covid drastically changed air travel at the moment.

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Apex coming Soon ™ !!!


yeah we are :stuck_out_tongue:

Because nobody wants to go to Calgary :stuck_out_tongue:

That it is.
And I’m biased since I do have family there.

But in the end it comes down to where DT’s fanbase is heavier.

Comparing the savings:
flights from NY to Iceland (350) vs flights from NY to Vancouver (250) = 100 savings

flights from London to Iceland (50) vs flights from London to Vancouver (400) = 350 savings

I rounded roughly the prices, and used NY and London because both would be the “a big city in each ‘demographic block’ closest to the target city in the opposing block”.

So I found out yesterday that the APEX Nano is a thing.


Good luck fitting that under your skin hahah


Woohoo! #10


Congratulations. I just hit aficionado (although my phone started suggesting addiction for some reason)


I’m at 284 days, really hoping I didn’t miss a day on my trip…


If you haven’t seen it or voted yet, I have just added a voting poll in the Review of Dangerous Things Thread, to complement ( not replace ) the comments in the thread.
The link below will take you directly to the Poll…


Holy shit :sweat_smile: ngl I very much enjoyed her youtube videos. And anyone who shoves an xg3 into a finger tip gets respect.

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one of us one of us

Judge Pini told her: "I accept that you had no malicious intent to cause deliberate harm to anybody or to damage property

That’s good they have taken that into account

“ A bomb disposal team was called in and nearby homes were evacuated, with local residents unable to return for several hours”

All for a glorified m80

Me with a pound of Tannerite just chilling on my desk shelf, more or less just as a paperweight
Granted, it’s a binary explosive,So it’s perfectly stable in its current config, but still eyeroll
(Also legal I suppose is important)

The mistake was forgetting that they lived in a country that’s so over the top that they have tried to ban pointed kitchen knives

I’m not sure the concept of survival, which inherently involves dangerous things and concepts, is capable of coexistence in a nanny state

It is complicated in the US too though. There are activities which are illegal, so while you can make your own explosives, you can’t transport or store them without a licence. So the fact that she had some compounds like nitroglycerine in a cupboard would be illegal in the US (at the federal level).

Seems like an incredibly harsh sentence to me.

As kids we used to run around the woods with airguns and knives, blowing up random stuff with ‘illegal’ french firecrackers. Under the current application of law we would probably have been charged with terrorism offences at age 13. The most malicious thing we ever did was when we shortened the fuse on a banger, stuck it in a cow pat and got a lad to light it.

Feels very much like they have tried to make an example of her and quite litterally thrown everything they could get to stick at her.

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Illegal electric fly-swatter?! :roll_eyes:

Thank god they caught that. Who knows what kind of untold damage could have been caused with an illegal fly-swatter. Someone could have been slightly surprised by a tiny shock seriously injured!

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