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that is true.
So does your cookies.

If you search the same destination a few times within a week you’ll see the price going up.
Redo the same search from another computer, on another network,… and You’ll see a better price.

Another thing that also happens is…
Too many people searching the same flights within a short period can drive the price up.

Cant i just go via bus? XD

(I have no clue about iceland)

if you have one that can float yes :smiley:

from Seyðisfjörður to Reykjavík??

There is a bus apparently… It goes to a campsite via the airport. It seems like most people use domestic flights, and you would be travelling pretty much the entire length of Iceland.

I don’t want to fly with an airplane.

Its a damn big climate killer machine.

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i dident know you lived thare i asumed you lived somewhare that you would need to float

I live near to Hannover. I would drive by Train to denmark, Form there by ship to Seyðisfjörður and from there to Reykjavík

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M’kay. Aparently I was mis reading the pricing. It’s 1300 round trip. But, using Amal’s dates gives me a 822 dollar round trip, via either New York or Boston.

I’m thinking the key here is scheduling waaayyyy in advance. Also, maybe they have an off season?

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Unfortunately it seems that your choices for this step are domestic flights, or a rental car. There is no train or bus service that will take you from one to the other that I can find.

You might be able to find a freighter company that can book you on a freighter to Reykjavík (maybe even from somewhere on the continent) but that will probably take talking to one of the specialist agencies.

@amal why not just relocate to Canada already and make it a DT Party / housewarming :stuck_out_tongue: you can get Northern Lights here, it’s less expensive and we can just build a volcano as part of the function

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I wouldn’t be able to legally drink, but if I’m able to I’d love to come and meet some of you! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it next year, but I’ll definitely be trying to

I had to check, but minimum legal drinking age in Iceland is 20.

Being from Scotland I started cutting back on my underage drinking at 16, and had given it up totally at 18. :laughing:

(In Scotland, if accompanied by an adult you can drink beer, cider or wine with a meal in a licensed premises at 16.)

that is a possibility… like Toronto maybe? Canada still has that nasty border / quarantine requirement tho… it might relax by 2022 but that’s what they said about 2021 in November 2020 sooo…


It’s too hot. (47.9C or 118.22F in Lytton BC just the other day)


that’s just all the catholic churches being burned to the ground… soon there won’t be any churches left and the temperature should go down.


Here’s hopin’ :raised_hands:

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where in Canada would be an acceptable alternative though… Toronto? Somewhere with a big enough international airport that it would be cheap for most to fly to?

I was more making a joke about permanently relocating/moving house to Canada. That being said, Vancouver is much prettier than Toronto, but it’s still no Iceland

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Where are the major “hub” airports? Amsterdam is probably the biggest one I can think of. This would also allow @mrln to come overland.

Otherwise we could aim for the borealis australis instead. :smiley:

I am willing to be told that I am wrong.