The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

no docs… not sure we’re at a point yet where they are even finalized… big changes coming… but after that perhaps we could explore full docs

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Pre or post launch?

Probably post apex flex launch… pre launch of something else…

Well at least the new API… dunno yet about docs etc.

:eyes: :eyes:



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Shaq shimmy

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Not the grand panjandrum with the little round button at the top?

It’s… not an implant unfortunately

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ANYTHING can be an implant with enough lube



inserts smartphone
“I got the worlds most powerful implant! Including 5G capability!”



It’s THE implant?

An OUTplant? (Exo)

An UNPlant?


I assume a big part of Apex’ magic will come from the community. Though I’m sure there will be how tos for basic stuff like setting up OTP at release.

Since it’s a fidesmo enabled card using off the shelf applets is easy. You literally pick the applet to install in the fidesmo app and hold your phone over your Apex, wait a second, done.

Then in the case of OTP you use yubico Authenticator. You’d go to e.g. GitHub settings activate OTP, scan that QR code and again tap your Apex. After then whenever you login to GitHub you open this Authenticator app, tap your Apex and enter the generated OTP as second factor.

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I still get conniptions whenever someone uses “OTP” in a positive light, because I’m a bare metal programming kinda person so OTP means “one-time programmable” bits, which can brick things. Whereas you’re a abstract software kinda person so OTP means “one-time password” which is a good thing


true… should be TOTP technically speaking… though HOTP also applies… though nobody uses that because it sucks.

Anyone else seen the Steam Deck by Valve? Seems like a pretty good deal for the pure hardware, $399 for the base model for a handheld Linux gaming PC. There’s 2 other storage tiers, 256GB and 512. The 256GB and 512 models both have NVMe for storage, with the 512GB having the fastest SSD.

Apparently the new SteamOS is just Arch-based.

Really curious what else will be able to be done with it, since it’s just a handheld full PC. It just uses type-C USB, completely open. Can use standard docking stations, or just plug right into it.

They opened pre-order reservations today for $5, I threw down a reservation for the 512GB model. Supposed to release either December of this year, or Q1 2022. Figure that gives me more than enough time to save.

Can’t wait to use my proxmark with it :laughing:

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That was one of my first thoughts too! :+1:

I love how it’s a PC and not just a console. I was thinking of getting a Switch soon but I will definitely be grabbing one of these instead. Going for the 256GB model. I figured I’d just get the 64GB version and tack on a decent sized micro SD card for added storage, but then load times would probably be abysmal.

Absolutely stoked to play (almost) all my PC games on my couch and save my back some trouble :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the 64GB is just too small. I really like that you could also just plug in a type C SSD or HDD when it’s docked, and instantly have more storage.

Hell, my friend brought up the idea of trying to do network storage via NFS, curious if that would work (especially with AC wifi).

It seems like a way better deal than the switch, especially with the new 64GB OLED switch only being $50 less than the base model Steam Deck. I actually sold my switch a few months ago, I just wasn’t getting much use out of it. It didn’t have a lot of my type of games, but with this I’ll be able to play my 400 game steam library that I’ve built up over the last 10+ years, along with any other Linux games I have.

Can’t wait for mobile Factorio and KSP :heart:

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Yep Factorio and Oxygen Not Included are gonna be much easier to play for hours and hours while laying down :laughing:

It’s all the portability I wanted from the Switch but with the added bonus of playing the games that I actually enjoy instead of saying “hmm yes I guess I will get my ass kicked in Super Smash Bros again tonight”